The need of Affiliation

The human need of affiliation overshadows the conception of real friendship, real relationships or real solidarity. Often our individual desires triggers irrelevant degrees of knowledge especially our knowledge about the other tends to be built on assumptions. How do we know the worth of a particular association? I have been asking myself this question for a long time and I realized that sometimes some association can be problematic because we come from different backgrounds and we have been socialized differently. The pursuit of engagement is embedded with various factors that impact the individual motives. Be careful of the superficial features that form any association. The elements which declare the success of any relations is clustered with ambiguous discourses therefore it is important to understand the purpose of any relationship you build with someone. Our lives are consumed by useless affiliations. The social media created a culture which enforces superficial relations just by one click we are now friends, one click we are business associates or even lovers. The world of technology had made us to become detached towards other human beings, lacking the real essence of reality, absorbing the anonymous phenomenon and making it customary therefore the purest form of interaction is lost. Ask yourself whether the association you have with people are worth your time and they benefit you.