My past

You strip my soul bare
made me dance on your own tune,
I’ve lost all my fortune,
Felt impatient to let the fruit prune
We are different yet we get along very well.
You had become a part of me
Leaving my heart burning with flames of rage.
locked myself in a cage.
Remorseful to consider you being part of my skin
left a scar which will forever remain
I love you once,twice and forever.
You know how to keep me sane
make me feel like everything is the same
became an opponent of your games.
Listen to the voice that screams for help
forgetting the pain you left behind.
Sometimes I wonder why you got so much power over me,
I thought I was the one in charge
Please don’t overshadow my judgements
you might know where I’ve been
but you know nothing about my future.

New start

Choices taken,
Tears have fallen,
Words have been spoken
hearts have been broken.
The betrayer is forgiven.
The long lost memories remembered
Till we meet again,
our path intersected
you became a lesson learned.
I hate you for teaching me to love,
the prophecies of unknown places
floating above the seas
reminding us of the pain we have experienced
A heartache that leave the soul with anger
yet the desire to feel you close burns me up until I surrender.
Ignorance became the cure of my confusion
I slept motionless listening to my screaming heart
Wanting something beyond my strength
I am tired of fighting…
this battle isn’t mine.
This is my new start…forgive me if I leave you behind.

true self

We put ourselves in a carcoon,
hiding our real identity behind the moon,
silently comparing ourselves to our fellow mates,
forgetting that we are not the same.
We possess different talents and interests
Our true nature is only known by us
We carry on our lives in disguise
Pretending and formulated characters will never last
eventually the music played in the background will stop
our true nature will be lost,
eventually the truth will be exposed by the sun
the things we do through the darkness will be brought to light,
Don;t be afraid when your true self ask you why did you live her behind.
No one wears a transparent fabrication
we live our lives according to other people’s expectations.
neglecting our needs…
feeling shameful to be selfish.
Don’t be scared of being yourself
Its better to live with the truth rather than live with lies.


The world is saturated with things we cannot control
The ideology of power is held by the law.
then who makes this laws?
loss of power is a terrible loss for all human kinds,
everyday we wish to sail through any challenges
Forgetting that our power comes with a standard,
Float above the ocean of our pain and sorrows,
Ensuring that everyman evaluate us as being strong.
Are you strong enough to carry all your burdens?
Are you made our of steel?
Are you unbreakable?
really you need to think about yourself
Being selfish van be a virtue of better understanding
stop pretending and start acting.

Mama’s love

My mama’s love is like an ocean
an ocean that overflows with care,limitless support and
a precious stone which no one could afford,
Sleepless she is…
forever running to keep the family whole,
solidarity,forever reminding me
reminding me of a place I constantly run to,when I seek refuge.
She refuse to let the cruelty of this world to find a space in our hearts.
Her serenity is known by all
Picks you up when you fall
Her legacy will leave on.
When she’s not around,I get lonely.
She doesn’t get weary of the loads she carries
Mama’s love paints a picture
a picture painted with permanent charcoal
Delicate hands moving,producing a magnificent art piece.
An art piece which is an antique
Mama’s love id threaded with the stories of philosophy,
writings which are timeless.
with the content that makes one to think…
theories hard to understand
She is brave,holding a key to unlock the doors of promises
There she stand…
strong with her argument
seeking justification
Enriching the soul with moral values
a thesis which is plausible
paradoxically untestable.

This place

This place will always serve as a reminder of what I’ve been through,
the memories created will be the testimony when the lawyer seek for evidence.
I didn’t mean to burn it down like a repressed thought in my mind.
Carried on like I’d never been there before…
Slowly the scars kept showing as much as I try to hide it.
the sweet aroma of baked cookies will always remain in my senses,
making me feel the warmth,coldness of the wind that blows outside the window.
This place becomes a book written by me,
telling tales of my childhood,
the heartaches I’ve felt…
the challenges I’ve experienced…
All the lesson learnt started from there.
I honor the women who kept the place warm without a fire place.
made it felt inviting even though she had nothing luxurious.
her gentleness,tender love was the most expensive treasure given.
This place is my home…
The first chapters of my life book begins here.
Together we have cried,laughed,fought yet we still stand united
Portraying a lifelong picture that puts a smile on my face,
A picture that resemble unconditional love,peace and happiness.
Surely there is no place like home.

Hiding through smiles

Why are we fighting each other
while we are fighting the same fight.
Our emotions surge behind close doors,
The truth hung over us like the morning mist,
Try so hard to hide our feelings in the wind.
Slowly blowing through our eyes,
stood next to each other with folded arms.
During the night we sleep on the bed of regrets.
Hide under the blankets of our loneliness.
Dream about the good moments we could share,
the pillow of pretending comfort us.
When the sun decide to rise,
we smile to hide the bitterness locked inside.
Hoping to be together again…
Now is only the matter of time.
one day we will get our moment to shine.

Error of my life

He breathes the air of liberation,
Ensured that each moment I spent with him
was a lifetime celebration.
Although we both know that the game we are playing is very dangerous,
The chemistry we possessed is fearless
breaking the unbreakable walls between us.
making me whole in a short period of time.
I had seen him looking at me with questionable eyes,
realized that these are more than just short term glances.
Stopping my mind from creating assumptions about him.
He who wants to be part of my universe shall prove his worth.
The words he chose to speak overshadow my consciousness.
calmness was his closest friend
and his soul sincere.
As i struggle to connect with his inner self,
He took me by his hand
Explained himself in plain simple spoken words.
Through his words I found comfort
understand him perfectly well,
leaving me to long to be with him till dawn.
Voices locked inside me are unknown
reacted dull while I knew the truth.
The truth thou shall break all the boundaries.
Give me coated dreams while I’m asleep.
Beneath his brown skin I see a King,
Royal Highness who ought to set me free,
The truth is that I’m prepared to make this error of my life.
His worth it, his one of the kind.
can’t see through his deceiving smile
Prevent myself from believing that he could be mine.

Intimate moments

Our intimate moments made me feel trapped in his spell,
Slowly observing every muscle of his physique,
Making me beg for mercy.
playing with my body like a pianist
A soothing melody was composed
Touching me with his sedate hands
to electrify the burning fire in me.
As I become the subject of exploration.
He unlocked the doors of restricted limitations.
I observe his movements.
He began to write a beautiful chapter in our memoirs,
His eyes just puts me on edge,
Giving myself time to understand his note during my power search
He has a tied grib of my feelings.
making me seen as fragile,vulnerable
while I breathe the air of trouble.
Every word he utter brings me down on my knees.
Keeping me in silence,
Convince me to act upon his rebellious.

Silent night

The stars shine so beautifully tonight,
telling a story only known by the heart
that worship the beauty of the full moon
laying motionless on the bed.
My mind wondering what it would be like
if you were laying next to me.
Singing a lullaby that will give me sweet dreams.
Listening to our heartbeat, beating as one…
Longing to be wrapped around your arms.
Can you imagine the memory that we could create through the darkness.
Allowing our bodies to do all the talking.
painting a picture that will forever remain in our thoughts.
Could you take away my fears.
I am afraid that the strong feelings will strengthen the impact you had on me.
Tonight I’m giving you all my all,
Nothing will come between us as long as you are near.
Our armor of love is very strong, it will rise above any temptations.
Afraid to lose the things hold dear.
yet this longing pulls me closer to you
Submitting my emotions
enjoying the sensation you arouse when you touch me.
The night is silent but our hearts are beating so loud.
hand touching,stroking,releasing the tension through my body
I like how you touch my body like you are playing violin
hands so tender,so warm,creating sweet melodies only known by us.
I don’t know how we ended up here
but I’m glad we took this journey anyway.
Fear of being submissive lingers through the gentle breeze
Cooling down my body temperature
Only you….know my erogenous zones
that weaken my knees, making me vulnerable
And make me beg for me,
Your presence keeps me sedated,
Yet my addiction becomes out of control every time i think about you.