The story untold

It is deeply rooted into a man’s heart,
it keeps him restless at night
swiftly move like the waves in the sea,
Torture him until he admits on his bended knees.
Storms and hail will always occur
causing confusion,yet he knows what he really wants.
The Antagonist is unknown,
giving the lustful heart a blissful time
occured during ancient times.
Belonging to the heart that listens
The plot becomes musical
Enduring endless melodies unheared.
But his patience will bring salvation
the climax engrave within his soul.
making him stronger than before…
wearing the garment which will tarnish his image so proudly,
He knows that tommorow he will rejoice under the sunlight
people wondering if he had lost his mind,
his love will garnish the hatred locked inside with peacefulness.
Until he understand his purpose
he will never stop searching for food
to feed his unbearable humger
Fear hung over his head like a dark cloud.
Leaving his footprint behind
Teaching young man to stay true to themselves.
Becoming thee greatest soldier of a small army.
Defeating the beast with his love of life.
His hall-mark will live-on
Encrust his delicancy found within his nature
This is not just a story of a happy ending
It is a story untold by no man.
A secret he will forever carry unto his grave
Leaving behind a legacy.
His story will continue to live with generations to generations
Until a soul makes it own
We shall live peacefully in liberation.



Patience running thin, feeling anxious
Your mind asking all sort of questions,
A picture so blur, yet to you is very vivid,
Time pass you by,patience enforce better understanding.
Fighting reality seems dangerous
Don’t just stand there in silence,
Your eyes are screaming loudly on my face,
i know you’ve tried to hide the truth anyway,
faith persuaded you to stay,
You carry on like your life is a fairytale.
feeling unsure whether you meant every word you said.
But I still love you anyway,you rejoice over little things.
Some part of me hold me back,
Finding it hard to believe all of this can be real.
Let to believe that you are an angel sent from heaven,
Stood firmly, your ground is never shaken
You waited without any questions
Hope stimulated your passion
Told stories of liberation,
Until when we meet again,
I shall thank thee for your kindness.