Strange as the world perceive you,
Your unquiness beg for question,
feed the world with false beliefs,
Thus you feel unsure about your normality.
shameless you are, my dear friend
Challenging the curious mind,
hide your confusion with your beautiful smile,
laugh at your own jokes,
Accepting your uniqueness.
feeling reluctant to take the passengers seat,
being in charge of the steering wheel,
forgive me Mr officer for driving recklessly,
i am not perfect but I am sure I will reach my destination just in time.
The map Im using is unreliable,
Fate will get me there.
my senses wont deceive me unless im dreaming.
Need no witness testimony to make my case strong,
I was there,I know every details.
Put yourself in my shoes
being controlled or put in a standard is never fun.
Please dont spoil my mood,
im better off without your ridiculous games.
your imagination is unlimited,
how can you wish for something you already have…
Our unfulfilled hearts introduce trouble,
we are misunderstood because we have alienated ourselves from this world.
We never felt like we belong anywhere…