Beautiful nightmare

Though I have tasted the swetnesss of your deception I keep coming back for more.

You are a habit I cannot resist

A drug which keeps me intoxicated with deep seductive charm,

forcing me to expose my vulnerability

I just can’t get enough.

I have let you in my life to close the emptiness and the void which I have hidden for such a long time.

Feed you with lies, toyed with your feelings and made you believe I am happy even satisfied

Fuck……I didn’t want to bruise your ego.  You were just a short-lived fun, risky, thrilling to experience and I liked every minute of it.

Your presence gave me an adrenalin run

I knew that adventure is your middle name.

Then suddenly I couldn’t deal with the catastrophic experience which burns me with mixed emotions.

You are such a beautiful nightmare that I have began to enjoy.

Please don’t wake me yet…..

Once this is over, just forget we had ever met.

Move on….we are just strangers, you do not know my name.

I am dangerous….you just deserve better.

take me back

Take me back to our teenage love,

I want to hear the purest sound of our heart beat.

Beating as one…..drawing ourselves closer to our dream

a dream once shared…..memories we have created.

I want to get lost in your eyes

I want to feel the innocence of our passion

The stolen moments which still lingers in my mind

let me write your name amongst the stars

Hold you tightly under the moonlight

Becoming captivated by your undying scent of your cologne.

Every hour spent with you

I will forever cherish in my heart

I wish you nothing but the best.

Caress my body with those strong gentle hands of yours

Ignite the deepest longings I’ve hidden for so long

sensual longings that are beyond the reach of human thought

feed this unbearable appetite of love with your charm

I dare you hold a little longer

Do not feel discourage by the changing seasons

life is a mixture of everything

Between the darkness and the light

There’s an adventure to be explored,
Traveling through spaces which are bigger than I thought
The density of euphoria echoing within the confined spaces of my heart,
Singing a lonely song which reminds her of the love she felt for him,
The stars which suppose to drew her closer to the truth were no more
Vanished like a lost treasure,
Deserted her, seeking refuge in lonely-lifeless places
Faith helped her navigate
Finding a lighthouse felt like a far-fetched dream
In constant war with the self and the ideal self
Submitting to conflicts of the heart and what it desires
Sharing a bed with a beast which bites her vigorously
Looking for a place to hide
Leaving behind his scent that lingers through the atmosphere like a newly brewed coffee
The beast violently pulls the strings of an acoustic guitar to play a melody only understood by us
Perplexed by its lyrical content
Yet it makes us to dance till dawn
His flamboyant kindness becomes my escapism
The quarrel between the darkness and the light left me with an addiction
Addiction of hostile vengeance and interior motives
Which safeguard my heart from dangerously falling in love with him
The power to decide makes her feel at ease
She can decide either to give life or to kill.


The darkest longing that submerge through the veil of our denial,
Leave our bodies aching…
Simply conceal us to a pursuit of our dreams,
Dreams full of passion,letting the purest mind to linger through temptations,
the power engraved inside our souls makes us create magic
the magic which is beyond human anticipation,
who we are…is known by only us.
The fire we make with our bodies
Enchant our soul with great happiness
The burning flames leaving my body electrified.
The music created by our beating hearts
could only be heard by the heart that listen.
Your sensual touch slowly taking away my innocence
Leaving my soul bare,
Exploring the supernatural forces that moves through our veins,
We carry on as if this is just a game
Eyes closed,our reunion giving me butterflies,
this engagement had become what I’ve fantasized
You’ve let me enjoy the taste of our lustful passion
slowly drifting away like a forgotten dream
Taste so sweet like strawberries
leaving me with great bitterness.

A kiss

Ordinary act of love,
embedded with emotions,memories,intense feelings
that are out of reach
Shared by two people,
captured in the moment.
hearts beating as one,
sending electrified feeling through their bodies,
composing a song only known by them only…
A kiss is like a fabric
threaded with deep feelings
paying attention to details
A needle sewing,joining the fabrics together.
Creating a beautiful silent song,
a product which ignite the mind with desires,
leaving them craving for pleasure,
Don’t get surprised,its human nature,
the wanting,needing is part of the equation.
Two bodies speaking a wordless language
taking part in an intimate theatrical play,
lacking knowledge of the plot
yet they search deep inside their souls,
a scent was left behind
awakening the unconscious mind
for him..she is one of the kind

Struggling to forgive the past and to move on

A brain it is the most powerful organ you can find in a human being, it works 365 days 24/7 without stopping or taking a break. It can store so many memories, events and places. I never thought I could feel this way, I have tried everything to forget about things happened in my past, tried to talk about it, to that person, that was involved in that current time, but still there is no change that has occurred. I tried to bottle up and not to try to talk about it, it made it even worse, because I always seen myself that I was never good enough to be something in life. Facing it now it’s even more stressful and challenging because my questions are never answered.
If I could have done something’s different back then, what future could I have been heading to as we speak, should I have taken the risks? Since, life it is all about taking them risks. Was I a fool of not holding to that special thing that meant a world to me by that time and age? So many questions I have asked myself already but still I can’t find the reasons and the answers to them. Life it is a total different story. They say and I quote “life it’s like an exam” so don’t compare yourself to another person because you don’t know what type of a question paper is he or she is writing. But in life it it’s the other way around, you turn to write the exam and you get the lessons after you have done the test. That is the only tricky way of learning your mistakes.
Sometimes you wish the exams or the tests that came across your life could have stayed away. Because the learning outcome of the exam that you have written has hurt you and caused so much pain that you want to give up and never try again, because you don’t see the reason why you should try or take a risk of something that will end up making you to be unhappy, sad and feeling unwanted with lot of pain in your heart. God is the one that’s giving us this exams, he never leaves you while you are struggling to get good marks out of it. God will put you through some difficulty, but one thing he doesn’t do is, to leave you to deal with it alone.
People come and go within our life. Some are the tests that we face, because you will never know that, that person came as a gift to your life or as a lesson. We have brothers and sisters that are there to try to help us whenever we come across such challenges. And we have friends on the other hand:
*SECTION A: Some friends are there just to mislead you or to make you feel small all the time(10 marks)
*SECTION B: Some friends are just your friend because do something’s for them” to them, you are just a tool” (20marks)
*SECTION C: Some friends are there because you bring change and make a difference to their life. (50 marks)
* SECTION D: And not forgetting the relationship “love life”. (20 marks)
This looks like a structure of a question paper, an English question paper and that’s how life it is. An exam
N.B This inspiring text was written by a close friend of mine,It really made me think a lot so I hope you enjoy it too.

A woman with a broken heart

She can slowly kill you with her smile,
Tarnish your reputation without knowing
caught you with her claws like a lion seeing its prey.
You’d sworn that she is a nun…
with devious motives.
She got love in her soul,
yet the world chose to unfold her dark side,
Beware of her undying scent that lingers through the air,
making every men lose their minds
become out of control.
Allowing them to drink the milk of her sorrows.
her flashing eyes makes you see what you desire.
until you realize her sacred river
which overflows with great pain.
You would wish you’d never met her,
she will suck your moral principles
capture you in her submarine.
Allow you to feel the pain caused by another man.
subconsciously grab your attention,
play with your soul until she gets her own satisfaction,
Don’t forget to say your prayers when you see her,
She can easily take what you adored.
Leave you in disgust.
She care less about what people say,
once she made up her mind
She just react…
although she admire the love,lust,passion resembled by the tango.
She is her own boss.
Allow no man to take away her freedom
She trust no one, only herself.
She is bitter as hell
She can curse you,wear her Victorian secret collection
everyday to hide away the pain.
Walk away before you get trapped under her spell.


Gifted hearts combined,
Honoring the nature of art,
Living in a moment.
Exhaling the beauty that runs really deep.
Awakening the lifeless part of the world
giving the hopeless the rebirth of realistic dreams.

Be the soul that admire the man that uses his only hand
to create a wonderful art piece,
Build a new life…
It could be created in various ways
It can be through his music,his painting,his sensual touch
that keeps the body electrified,burning.
Rising your adrenalin without engaging in dangerous activities.

Just by looking at his smile,
Keeps your heart beating
keeps your soul content
keeps your body screaming for his touch.

Together we sing a song of redemption,
make the time stand still
Our eyes looking into each others’ soul.
telling a story which we hardly understand,
yet we go along with the flow.
Fulfilling the intensity buried deep inside our bodies.
waiting to explode,the impatient hearts makes us frustrated.

As we declare our love to each other,
we rest easy without feeling any remorse,
I wonder,if I could search for you through the darkness
Will my heart get satisfied?
Will I behave?
really i do not know.
Now I understand the goodness of being united with a soul
that understand,
Listen and speaks his heart no matter what…

Error of my life

He breathes the air of liberation,
Ensured that each moment I spent with him
was a lifetime celebration.
Although we both know that the game we are playing is very dangerous,
The chemistry we possessed is fearless
breaking the unbreakable walls between us.
making me whole in a short period of time.
I had seen him looking at me with questionable eyes,
realized that these are more than just short term glances.
Stopping my mind from creating assumptions about him.
He who wants to be part of my universe shall prove his worth.
The words he chose to speak overshadow my consciousness.
calmness was his closest friend
and his soul sincere.
As i struggle to connect with his inner self,
He took me by his hand
Explained himself in plain simple spoken words.
Through his words I found comfort
understand him perfectly well,
leaving me to long to be with him till dawn.
Voices locked inside me are unknown
reacted dull while I knew the truth.
The truth thou shall break all the boundaries.
Give me coated dreams while I’m asleep.
Beneath his brown skin I see a King,
Royal Highness who ought to set me free,
The truth is that I’m prepared to make this error of my life.
His worth it, his one of the kind.
can’t see through his deceiving smile
Prevent myself from believing that he could be mine.