Forbidden Fruit

Leave your soul with darkest desires
pulling you closer to deception,
Perpetuated with unbearable temptations
A decision need to be made..
Experience exist to test your fate,
Your mind cannot think straight.
Hands touching,stroking
Leaving the body burning
Fragility,vulnerability sinking in…
Your pride wanting you to be virtuous,
while you cannot resist the sweetness of his castle
Lust buried deep
giving you wild dreams
the power of his magic makes you weak
releasing the numbness with his electrified hands.
his memory haunt your dreams,
leaving you longing to taste his sweet lips with a kiss,
his presence drowning you in the ocean of wild ecstasy
the darkest longing blinds you,
Making you to take a trip to your own grave,
the light shown on his face
makes you weak on your knees
You call his name through your sleep
You forget that he can easily tempt you to commit a bad deed,
He can grant you a pleasurable moment lasting for a minute,
leaving your heart with coldness
the forbidden fruit could take away your greatest happiness
never make a deal with the devil
the fruit is poisonous
walk away from the goodness that will never last for a long time,
Do not let him to use you for his victory
one day you’ll find a right place for love…
allow patience to become your revelation,
Your leap of faith shall teach you thee greatest lesson of life.


Gifted hearts combined,
Honoring the nature of art,
Living in a moment.
Exhaling the beauty that runs really deep.
Awakening the lifeless part of the world
giving the hopeless the rebirth of realistic dreams.

Be the soul that admire the man that uses his only hand
to create a wonderful art piece,
Build a new life…
It could be created in various ways
It can be through his music,his painting,his sensual touch
that keeps the body electrified,burning.
Rising your adrenalin without engaging in dangerous activities.

Just by looking at his smile,
Keeps your heart beating
keeps your soul content
keeps your body screaming for his touch.

Together we sing a song of redemption,
make the time stand still
Our eyes looking into each others’ soul.
telling a story which we hardly understand,
yet we go along with the flow.
Fulfilling the intensity buried deep inside our bodies.
waiting to explode,the impatient hearts makes us frustrated.

As we declare our love to each other,
we rest easy without feeling any remorse,
I wonder,if I could search for you through the darkness
Will my heart get satisfied?
Will I behave?
really i do not know.
Now I understand the goodness of being united with a soul
that understand,
Listen and speaks his heart no matter what…