life goes on with the pain from yesterday
leaving scars as the remembrance of the journey traveled,
enjoy the ride of the rocking chair
Listen to the lullaby of crashing cars,people cries,painful screams
which comfort your soul as you hear your heart beating
The vitality of the message could not be found from the speakers
You need to contribute your own connotations to the overall message
Do not dilute its significance
Deepen your thoughts, you will understand
Take a closer inspection
Finally enjoy the fruits of the greatest lesson,
Getting your ready to face your own monster which lives inside your closet.
Realization is an all or nothing game.
It can either break you or make you
Some issues are unavoidable
they exist to makes us fumble
but never let them to make you feel detached from reality.
Predictions only spoil the fun of the adventure.
Making you live inside of little boxes
Nurturing you with the veil of your comfort zone.
You are the only one who can unleash the underlying secrets of the universe
Discovery could be done alone
Although the delicacy of other hardships will push you to the core,
but who said you cannot score a goal (Player)
The desire to live happily ever after makes us trapped in fairy-tales.
Fairy tales widen your mind,strengthen your belief but it doesn’t help you to climb
the ladder to reach the peak of the mountain
It settle you down to indulge in the sweetness of the fountain.


The story untold

It is deeply rooted into a man’s heart,
it keeps him restless at night
swiftly move like the waves in the sea,
Torture him until he admits on his bended knees.
Storms and hail will always occur
causing confusion,yet he knows what he really wants.
The Antagonist is unknown,
giving the lustful heart a blissful time
occured during ancient times.
Belonging to the heart that listens
The plot becomes musical
Enduring endless melodies unheared.
But his patience will bring salvation
the climax engrave within his soul.
making him stronger than before…
wearing the garment which will tarnish his image so proudly,
He knows that tommorow he will rejoice under the sunlight
people wondering if he had lost his mind,
his love will garnish the hatred locked inside with peacefulness.
Until he understand his purpose
he will never stop searching for food
to feed his unbearable humger
Fear hung over his head like a dark cloud.
Leaving his footprint behind
Teaching young man to stay true to themselves.
Becoming thee greatest soldier of a small army.
Defeating the beast with his love of life.
His hall-mark will live-on
Encrust his delicancy found within his nature
This is not just a story of a happy ending
It is a story untold by no man.
A secret he will forever carry unto his grave
Leaving behind a legacy.
His story will continue to live with generations to generations
Until a soul makes it own
We shall live peacefully in liberation.