The heart has no boundaries
It seek its own pleasure in ruins
Despise being shunned.
Bow down before deep darkest longings.
Uncertain about its own jurisdiction.
It is always kinetic,lacks the awareness of peacefulness.
Enjoy playing dangerous games.
Pounds vigorously when you hear his name.
Blind folds you with an exaggerated need for passion.
Provoke you further if you dont take its plea seriously
Carelessly representing you as a psychopath.
Pulling you closer to madness
Dragging your name through the mud.
Feeding the wolves with your flesh (dignity).
Reaching, reaching deeper to get the sense of gravity.
Manipulate the mind and body to satisfy its own delusions.
Remains ungoverned until it exposes your weakness
Found solace from wandering in the wilderness
Easily tempted, living with the curse of loneliness.
Driving your thoughts too far away
Depict you as a lunatic.
It doesnt understand the language of waiting
When it want, it want it now
Immediate gratification.




Release your emotional baggage with a good cry,
Dying in silence ignite the fire burning inside
Give yourself time,shut yourself away form the world for a while,
meditate,try to make sense of what’s going on.
An echo of his voice,slowly destroying me.
making me feel numb
How do I stop him from crawling back in?
Eyes closed.suffocating,trying to caught my breathe
He is a mirror of shame,
A reminder of my short-comings
A unforgettable bastard!
He knows how do bring out the monster in me.
Replacing my anger with agony.
His sweet layered strawberry cake taste like rotten meat.
Here I am trying to reach you,
searching for a place once knew,shared,created memories.
Now I understand that love dies,
I can’t run away form the torture of the truth
Sucking me dry,until I lie
Living with the pain,a smile on my face
Close off the curtains of shame,
Tired of playing your useless games,
Things were never meant to be the same.
I am running a race to heal
One day you will be unforgettable dream
forgotten tune,meaningless drum beat
Remain in the darkness like a moon.
keep on being the world best fool.


Activate the mind with free flowing imagination,
Breaking all the barriers,enjoying the emancipation,
Eliminating the burden of confusion
Fusing sounds,images,movement,creating a poetic collaboration,
A dreamer is a believer
His imagination is saturated with great power,
He sleeps with the blanket of hope,
A pillow filled with magic
The intensity of his visions is tied with ropes,
calculating his opportunities.
Believing that tomorrow is the rebirth of new possibilities
Captured the timeless beauty of the universe with eyes closed
Smelling a lovely fragrance which lingers across every space
slowly captivating the mind with free flowing thoughts
cleansing the soul,walking through the rain
Enlightening the soul with stimulating adventures.
giving the weary heart a dose of pleasure
creating memories to be always remembered
Lifeless objects are brought to life,
a touch of gold which delight a troubled soul,
moving images creating an unforgettable story
A flower imagined,blooming so beautifully
a story told with so much complexity.
A dreamer sees his life through the lenses of realities,
planning ahead,dealing with the impurities,
The prophecy of the universe travel through his sleep
making everything possible like magic,
Holding a key to unlock the doors of blissful moments,
his gift channel a series of activities that helps him achieve his goals.
A dreamer is a tree which bear the fruits of hope
holding tight the branches.stop them from falling
manifesting thee greatest power unto the leaves
making them evergreen through any season,
Deny to sleep with blindfolds
Determined to see everything
A dreamer is a painter of his own
depicting pictures relating to his future
Greater things awaits him
His patience will help him harvest good results
A dreamer possess a keen eyesight
seeing smaller details in larger size
taking everything to consideration.

What if I kissed you….?

Eyes looking,
Hands touching,
My mind thinking,
Wondering whether this was just a dream,
Felt my heart racing, pounding creating sweet melodies
Lips locked together telling an unforgettable story,
Being held closely to feel your warmth
With you, my love, I tend to lose control.
These sensational feeling buried inside makes me wonder…
Wonder how it could be if you were locked inside me
Having a passionate time together,
Wishing that moment to last forever.

Longing to give each other eternal satisfaction,
By the near future, it could be our greatest celebration,
You become a tree holding me tight on your branches, keeping me warm
Feeling these tenderness that grew inside me,
Having unlimited questions in my mind
Assured myself that this relation was built on lies, lust
The heart longing to be beside him,
Giving him a long passionate kiss-
Begging him to unleash my potential as he please
Our body gestures creating a lovely rhythm
Stillness of time blinds me,
The exploring part begins,
It wasn’t easy as it seems,
Took me places I’d never been,
Showed me images I’d never seen, while crawling inside me.
Making me feel the emotions I’d never feel.

It was imperative to leave him,
Though my parting soul troubled me,
His hands touched me, rose my body heat,
For this dodgy game I thought I was unfit
Yet I enjoyed every part of it.
Whether we decided to walk on the street of Manhattans
The O’Jays still yearn to caught the sight of us
Both the song we sing is rated platinum
Using our smiles to plug in the truth to hide
Ignoring the sound made by our pounding hearts
Your closure makes me high,
Though I’m a non-smoker-
I see you through the smoke of our love-
Never prepared to go on rehab,
Just enjoying my addiction.

Searching for the truth

Letting myself to drift in my deepest thoughts,
Looking at the pictures painted in front of me,
remembering the time wasted searching for the truth,
Admitting that I was a fool for letting you back into my life.
letting you to be part of the jury.
Being punished for the mistakes I didn’t do intentionally.
yet I held myself responsible,
hoping that’s a solution for your inner troubles.
No longer keen to find justice
I’m taking all the blame,
The pain I feel is just the same,
Nothing you can say or do that can change.
For I was giving you the freedom your deserve,
You’ve decided to take more than your bargain for…
If I was born from royalty,I would call you My Lord.
pain and suffering you brought in my life made me stronger.
I gave you all the power to dictate me
you might as well close the door behind you.
I may be seen useless through your eyes
I still have my soul to live for…
I owe that to myself.
Searching for the truth will leave my soul unsatisfied
therefore this time I’m searching for myself
I’m not trying to be selfish
but I need to take this journey so that peace would shine through my life.

Grandma’s knitting

Looking at those old hands full of wrinkles
Busy going back and forth,
Eyes looking carefully at the movements made by the hands.
Skin looked so pale yet very strong.
The mind visualizing the finished product,
Delightfulness filled her eyes,
combining beautiful colours like her kniteed cardigan.
Slowly examining her choice of pattern,
Realised something appealing will be created.
Created by her hands
Telling a story without no words,
Giving you a sense of comfort
during those long hours she hasnt been there.
Despite the lack of character considered during this fashionable era,
My grandmama’s knitted scarf wil always keep me warm during cold times.
Feeling so honoured to wear such a great piece of art
A pure talent, slowly woven with love
Patiently knitted for its uniqueness.
Its warmth taking away my loneliness,
A skill passed on by the previous generation,
resembling a taste of vintage
Honouring the heart that gave me these beautiful gift,
Holding an undying scent of her fragrance.
I thank you Grandmama…..

Good girl gone bad

She has been neglecting him for years,
Indulging in too much work,
Forgotten all the fun they onced had…
Forgotten how he made her get butterflies in her tummy,
Forgotten the goodness of being swept off her feet.
She is prepared to do anything
to bring back all that fire of the past,
She has beautiful fantasies
Yet she is shy to implement them
One afternoon, she made a deal with the devil,
She waited for him to come back home
As he was busy watching football,
she walked pass him with nothing on her skin
just with the beautiful scent of her perfume which caught him
He couldn’t stop looking, breathing, praising the image infront of him.
The beauty and the unexpected scene lured him to show his apreciation.
Something new was in his eyes
making him reach the peak of the hidden mountain of Everest.
Then two hearts were combined, the spark was ignited,
until then all was in the past,
A new step was taken to unleash the memories which were thought to be forgotten.
Everyday he waits patiently for the flower to blosom,
But not forgetting to show his appreciation,
A good girl gone bad,
Learnt to bring out the fun in him.
Better memories were created,
The impact was imprinted in him from that day until now…
The loneliness creeps as he struggle to make peace with his loss,
The flower still haunts him in his dreams
Although he enjoys it but it sadden him to think that he will never see her again.