The need of Affiliation

The human need of affiliation overshadows the conception of real friendship, real relationships or real solidarity. Often our individual desires triggers irrelevant degrees of knowledge especially our knowledge about the other tends to be built on assumptions. How do we know the worth of a particular association? I have been asking myself this question for a long time and I realized that sometimes some association can be problematic because we come from different backgrounds and we have been socialized differently. The pursuit of engagement is embedded with various factors that impact the individual motives. Be careful of the superficial features that form any association. The elements which declare the success of any relations is clustered with ambiguous discourses therefore it is important to understand the purpose of any relationship you build with someone. Our lives are consumed by useless affiliations. The social media created a culture which enforces superficial relations just by one click we are now friends, one click we are business associates or even lovers. The world of technology had made us to become detached towards other human beings, lacking the real essence of reality, absorbing the anonymous phenomenon and making it customary therefore the purest form of interaction is lost. Ask yourself whether the association you have with people are worth your time and they benefit you.

New Beginning

Our minds are clustered with tormenting thoughts
Memories entrenched in our DNA
Haunting us until we lose our inner peace
Can the mind perpetuate the stillness of the universe?
Listen to the music which generate no taste, no colorant genre, no tune
Do you walk away from the pain of disappointments or carry on like nothing matters
Really the urge of embracing the high level of inner peace is the justice we owe it to ourselves.

Let the dying of each season become a part of us
Beginning of new chapters
Though it brings unbearable pain of laughter
We ought to break free from our own cocoons of ignorance
Pulling us away from reaching the highest level of self
Letting the energies buried inside our souls to give new meanings of our existence,
Never underestimate the innermost tranquility of time.

Remember nothing last forever,
We are all puppets bred with genetics of individuality
Your uniqueness doesn’t make you different from the rest.
You are just given an opportunity to learn and embrace your full potential
Let some part of you to die…keeping the entire bunch is not worth it
There’s a reason why they are not part of you.
Dying is the rebirth of the better.


It’s never wise to reshuffle thoughts
Causing displacement,confusion of some sort
losing the virtue of understanding
craving to taste the fruit of high expectations
For the mind to function accordingly…
processing cognitive dilemmas
make it quiet as it tends to scream out loud.
deal with the confusion on face value
Crudely anticipating ideas
diminishing all your fears
losing control over things you hold dear
yet you decide to die in silence
leaving your point unclear
making the next mission impossible to complete
enjoying the goodness of my own medicine
my shortcomings pulling me down
forgetting that the sun will rise
shine on me to light up my path
God…teach me not to rush
The dilemma troubles my mind
They exist to teach me a lesson about life
they should not cloud my thoughts

Mysterious Man

Silence filtered between us,
My mind wondering whether I’ve made a right decision,
The truth inside my heart share a different story,
Wondered who is this strange man by my side,
I thought I knew him, I was wrong.
Slowly the spirit of regret lingers through my soul,
Searching for the truth being untold.
Agreed to take a trip using different transportation,
Gave him the freedom to choose,
Both played a dangerous game, I don’t intend to lose
Sacrificed my time to understand this mysterious being,
Thinking about the day I’ve let him to become a part of my life,
A disguised character was formed inside me.
Ignorance was built within this walls between us,
Acting like everything is fine
while the foundation was in jeopardy to collapse,
Lost the assurance of trust we once possessed.
The silver cup is broken.
time to let go,
Explore other possibilities,
Accepting the color of my skin,
Defeated confusion without a fight,
My dear love you’ve lost me a long time ago.
Allow reality to sink in,
You cant keep on floating above the waters,
Hiding behind our ego’s is not helping,
Save yourself from getting affected form the disease of lies.
I’ve given you freedom therefore you shall enjoy it.