The Beginning

Problems may fall like rain,
Torture my soul, left me in pain
Makes my body shiver like the coldness I feel during winter.
Helps me to get by, I know there’s so much greatness to conquer
Now I know I am ALIVE
Fighting unbearable battles
Having so much hope that within these mysterious times I shall retain my strength.
Life has no formula to be lived,
Obtaining success and prosperity is my only wish
Never felt reluctant to be me
My problems will remind me of what I ought to achieve,
No one said it’s going to be easy road
Keeping my faith in check as I go
Realized that the curse will never end until I accept
Accept the shadow that walks with me,
Exist top widen my eyes to see,
Things falling apart while the worst are filled with greater things to be unfold,
The mystery is that will shaken the strong, tight ground
Embracing the significant gold that was found
Now I know there’s nothing that last forever
It occurs and it shall pass
Rivers overflowing with gifts of life
Accepting my situation with open arms
Hardship is the rebirth of joyful moment
Liberating yourself from all of these confusion
One day your heart will be fulfilled
Cleansing your soul through the seven seas
Keeping your heart contented
Reflecting an image of being extraordinary in your own universe.

Mixed emotions

I am troubled by the sudden intense feeling
which makes me long to be by your side,
walk with you, honouring the beauty of the butterflies.
Surely you know how to make me lose myself
yet everyday I affirm to the world that I understand what’s happening…
I sit alone in this chaotic place
Looking at my thoughts running through my mind
like a river flowing through the ocean
seeking for a place to sleep as it always been homeless.
I search hard for what it seems hard to perceive
though the image of your face chose to be right there next to me.
I do not understand how the birds sings
yet I find myself indulging in their extraodinary melody.
Now I understand the impact you had on me,
It is not a disease but an addiction I don’t want to recover from…
Each day you write a new chapter in my heart
making me understand the true meaning of loving and being loved.
This time I want to feel your warm embrace,
hear your voice talking softly in my ears
feel your hands touching every part of my body
releasing the tension from my shoulders down to my spine.
Yesterday our cellphone conversation left me with uncertainty
which gives me a hard time to decide whether this is what I want
because everything feels like a dream
giving me doubtful thoughts of it being real
But I believe every word you said….
Fighting real emotions I have for you
would be like an actor playing a deceiving role.
although I try to deny it
you stil find a way to seduce me,
get me crawling on my knees,
Begging you to unleash the potential that lies inside me.
Someday I will forget your name
but its gonna be hard to forget the memories we’ve made.
Till we meet again.

This too shall pass

Life is dictated like changing seasons,
Lack of affirmation,
Hungry for love, being ruled by the current situation,
Loving someone is a mysterious condition,
Doing everything in your power to feel thee satisfaction.
This condition comes with fear,excitement,sadness and disappointments
If you don’t understand love, later it will kill you.
This too shall pass,
Our journey intersected,
we’ve done things under a bad influence,
trusted each other, believing we can close our emptiness
Forgeting that our actions will make us get lost in the wilderness.
I thought that bringing you into my life will bring happiness.
I was wrong, the mist have already fill the room.
My eagerness had push you away
Its strange that we both created debts
but now I’m the only person left to pay
The melody created by our body closure strikes me the most,
I’m too delicate and fragile for carrying all this load.
Who shall declare the deeds that we’ve done?
The lust of intimacy showen in your eyes
Keeps me restless at night,
I’m prepared to fight
Changing all my wrongs to right
Harvest time is near,
My heart is filled with so much fear,
I’ve left my farm unattended,
shed a tear to ease my heart
No man understand the theory of love.
I’ve made this bed, I shall sleep on it.
my soul is sick with this undefeated war,
guilt and remorse glow brightly on my skin,
He retain his power by me
You are cruel, got such a great impact.
My soul is troubled, bear with my weakness,
Now it is a time to feel soory for myself
our closure could easily be faded.
acceptance could be much help,
Letting go, embracing all lesson learnt.
This too shall pass.
This things do happen,
They might torture you to slavery
But you know how to regain your own glory,
This is just a rising point of your story
Time wiil feed your hunger,
Heartaches makes you stronger.

This life is a battlefield

As I stood firm upon these earth,
Reassuring myself that I’ve got all the tools,
the strength to conquer this dominant war
My heart filled with so much fear,
Pain lingers in my body veins
like I’ve been stabbed a thousand times with a spear,
I opened my ears so that I could hear,
the sound made by the beast,
only my eye could shed a tear,
The atmosphere invapourated unclear.
holding past memories I could not bear,
i don’t know where I will be at tommorow.
i’m tormented by the events that took place yesterday.
They’ve left me ushaken, left with nothing to say,
I’m taking a journey to a brutal battlefield
only God knows about my survival.
Putting everything I had on the line
Taking babysteps to reach the light,
fear of death, failure filled my soul.
Mother earth had told me the untold.
Striving to carry all the burden that my strength cannot hold,
Holding just the key of hope on my hands.
The woman who had carried me on her womb, gave me a valuable lesson.
A gift I cannot trade with anything else,
She promised to protect me, not forgeting valuable lesson taught by her
I’ll defeat this beast
Fight until I gain my freedom.

Yearning for you

I wish these potent feelings I have for you were mutable,
Suddenly realize they are entrenched deeply in my heart,
As much as I try to mull them thoroughly
I tend to lose my sense of control,
Your preseence exhume what I’ve hidden for so long,
Held myself responsible for all the trouble you brought into my life.
Act modest, just to get by
watched you from the distance
Your sight enchant my soul with fulfilling thoughts.

I can’t hide these for much longer,
Everyday the impact grow stronger,
This moment I’m yearning for you,
can I trust you with my heart?
at the end of the day,you are only human.

Feel like you caught me under a spell
I wish I could turn back time
move on without knowing you in my life,
Hoping one day these yearning would die,
cannot repeat the same mistake twice,
My fragile heart desire something beyong.
How dull I was for showing him my area of weakness,’
I tried to endure the pain in silence
yet the human thought chose to be beyond,
within the depth of desiring-there’s a battle to be lost
seems hard to expunge our memories
A lot can be taken,
Yet I still put my heart on a line while you chose to be far from my sight.