Self Actualization

I’m afraid to cross that border between my past and future,
I have buried the hatchets
Simply living my life in harmony,
I do not need the next party to justify my own happiness.
I’ve taught myself to embrace the essence of oneness,
I’m not trying to be ignorant,
I am accepting the correlation factors of my independence
No need to argue with the next person about your uniqueness
though he might find it strange.
You understand it perfectly well.
I don’t feel depressed when I fall,
I trust myself that I wiil recover, regroup and carry on,
My life evoke mixed emotions like a classical song,
Created with lots of tunes, melodies that are blended so perfectly
like my cup of coffee,
A song without words, yet easy to be understood.
Building a strong foundation of the awareness of my emotions,
Keeping me sane while I’m troubled by this world pain.
Slowly healing my internal wounds
No need to see a doctor,
Acceptance, perseverence will do its wonders
Enchant my soul with everlasting magic,
I don’t curse the sun for rising everyday
I feel disappointed on myself for not achieving those little goals
that felt meaningless at the time
yet very important at this present moment,
baby steps will eventually get me there…
reaching the peak of my self actualization process keeps on occuring without an end.


His hands,His touch

Release the tension around my neck,shoulder and lower spine
His sensational strokes arouse me to high peak of my body temperature,
I close my eyes, enjoying his touch
feeling his warm body close to mine,
couldn’t decide whether i should surrender,
His hands speak a heart soothing language
Keeping my body electrified
feeling so protected.
Realized that it is his nature to allow his hands to do all the talking.
As I wrap my legs around his thighs
He insisted to take me to a promised land
Where I would only remember his sensual touch
Eyes shut tight,
taking me to place I have loved
Our bodies becoming the instruments that unleash the vibration from inside
hearing pure sound,singing a song without the notes.
We both acknowledge the vibration we feel on our skin
Impatiently seeking for a specific reason to conquer the shadow of our love,
sweet entreaties but the seduction of our melody
Took note to places to linger,as we try so hard to push our inner uncertainty
Your hands seduces me,
Keeping my boy calm like a sedative.

My shinning star

Suddenly you have become a far-fetched dream,
I’m starting to make peace,
Believe that you are better off without me,
The impact you possessed was never real,
You’ve already leaped away.
I’m relieved that we took our separate ways,
Our closure lasted for a while,
Now the truth is not hidden from our smiles,
We shine so brightly like the summer sun,
I’m pleased that we chose to carry on with our lives
Give the Almighty my greatest gratitude for opening my eyes,
Never entertain your heart for wanting something that is beyond,
Repeated a story untold,
felt heavy, a burden I cannot hold.
Your lasting imprint, lesson to be always cherished,
You only human,dominated human theories had consume your mind,
Your pride had blinded you not to see a pure gold on your side,
Played modest for the world to hide,
Buried our dejavu inside our hearts,
Nothing felt right every time I caught your sight
Pardon me for losing such gruesome fight,
Never intended for wasting our precious time,
Lets just kiss and say goodbye.
Our departure could resemble eternal light,
Although these wonderful companionship lasted for a short period of time,
I’m taking what’s rightfully mine,
I don’t want to leave anything behind,
Me and You we just different, I admit
Could not stand the heat you brought into my life,
But you will always be my shinning star.

Unfamiliar Place

There is a something about this place,
I struggle to put my finger on it,
It reminds me of a trip onced taken,
Filled with emotions never shaken.
A sense of peace linger through the atrmosphere,
Sat motionless,connecting with this unfamiliar place,
Undying scent of flowers captured my soul,
Recallling every memory I shared with mother nature.
Hearing the beats of the drum calling my name,
Commanding me to dance to an unfamiliar tune,
You’d sworn that I am dreaming,
But the dream is happening right through my eyes,
I am sitting alone here yet my spirit is there,
Confused by the inner forces of the picture painted with real life experiences.
This are just not usual visions,
They speak to me with a strange language that I could understand.
A road never taken create curiosity,
Using all my senses to understand the purpose of this trip,
It was taken without my free will.
Yet I honour my instincts of pushing me to reach the peak of the mountain,
It was never easy but I took it,
Now good memories are written in the book of life,
Relocating themselves in my mind,
The sense of gravity pulling me down,
Yet my spirit is longing to fly,
Flying is filled with so much liberation,
reducing the norms of limitations,
The sky is not a limit,
A limit is a nature of humankind,
Embracing evry possibilities till the end of time.