Something missing

Omitted paragraphs which makes the story incomplete,
A lack of sensation,a difficulty to grasp how I feel,
A tune of a particular song
playing with unfamiliar chords
Reality which intend to sugar coat everything
building a bridge between the truth and perception,
a loss of revitalizing properties to keep the mind and soul in peace.
A lack of dream realized
woven with a thread of fantasy,
leaving the mind with unanswered questions,
pulling you away from the light,being an uninvited guest.
Remedy your confusion with meditation,
losing that golden key to unlock those priceless moments can still be found,
taking you to places you couldn’t imagine
Hiding within your fears is not helping,
take a deep breath,climb up on that stairs.
You might be closer on finding the real you,
the truth will rejuvenate your troubled soul,
Allow you to enjoy the sweetness of peace and harmony.
Something is missing
constantly losing friends,
loneliness caving in,
The moment you start reaching out
You begin to lose everything
You need to wake up from dreaming
start doing…
believing that you are capable of doing anything.



It’s never wise to reshuffle thoughts
Causing displacement,confusion of some sort
losing the virtue of understanding
craving to taste the fruit of high expectations
For the mind to function accordingly…
processing cognitive dilemmas
make it quiet as it tends to scream out loud.
deal with the confusion on face value
Crudely anticipating ideas
diminishing all your fears
losing control over things you hold dear
yet you decide to die in silence
leaving your point unclear
making the next mission impossible to complete
enjoying the goodness of my own medicine
my shortcomings pulling me down
forgetting that the sun will rise
shine on me to light up my path
God…teach me not to rush
The dilemma troubles my mind
They exist to teach me a lesson about life
they should not cloud my thoughts