Constantly lingers through your thoughts,
Past memories drifting through my sight,
Looking at a picture that is right infront of me,
ancient events recurring like they happened yesterday.
The image so vivid yet confusing
Keeping myself occupied,evading the truth.
I cant let myself go through that road again,
Being there would unfold umhealed wounds.
Making myself bitter,
Letting silence be his keeper,
The pain had grommed me.
revisting the past would break me,
Buries the pain very deep,allowing a new chapter of my life to shine on me.
Just let things be…going back there is not helping.
You ar causing yourself pain,
You’ve tried everything to remove the stain,
It is so sturborne, it chose to remain
yet you tend to yearn for closure.
Forgive yourself for your blindness,
Stop questioning your carelessness,
Embrace your mistakes as lesson learnt,
Though you keep on cursing the day you fel into his trap.
Using his lustful devious strategies to caught you under his spell.
The monster within him doesnt understand the true meaning of love,
Free your mind,his disease might be contagious.
I know you are feeling ridiculous
but dont let your past limit your capabilities.
Honour the experience,
Be grateful that you are LOVING,
He was too busy with other things,
He didnt recognise this important gift you are holding,
That his loss, silense filtered into the air,
Peace locating within your soul…BREATH