The irony of our love

We are singing the same song but with different tunes.
You are right here with me but your mind seems so far away.
How do we move forward when the picture stands still
Incarcerated by words left unsaid
Hidden behind the veil of our superficial love
Are you prepared to break all the walls?
Open up the casket of my wrong deeds
Damn…you!!! You are not perfect nor a saint
The irony of our relation haunts me
Smeared around with color and pattern like graffiti on the wall
Theres no formula nor equation that can solve the problems we are facing
All I need from you is to rescue me
Im drowning deeper and deeper into the drench of confusion
Im being swayed to and fro like the waves in the sea
The rocking chair will not put me to sleep
The uncertainty of the love we share comes crashing through the cracks of these walls around me.
Safeguarding the unknown with meaningless inclinations.
What are we really fighting for?
We are restless like the shore
Seeking peace and comfort in crowded spaces
Failed on the first attempt but Im not giving up
The battlefield is taking all my strength.
Exposing my vulnerability to the master of the truth.
Tired of searching for treasures that are not rightfully mine.
Im grateful for every little thing I have in my life.
I have freed myself from the prison of possessiveness.
Greed is a senseless conviction of ungratefulness
Takes away the real essence of happiness.
Consumed by insecurities.
Do not ask me to go back where it all began
Recollecting those memories we once shared
Leaving behind bitter sweet feelings of our lonely hearts.
Only the truth can save us
It start with I….and it shall end with US only if you are ready.

I struggled a lot to finish writing this poem. There’s lot going on in my life. I wish I could express the exact feelings but the fear of opening up those old wounds makes me anxious. I guess this a price you pay if you are a broken writer who seek comfort in chaotic spaces.

Yours truly
The Whisperer


Good girl gone bad

She has been neglecting him for years,
Indulging in too much work,
Forgotten all the fun they onced had…
Forgotten how he made her get butterflies in her tummy,
Forgotten the goodness of being swept off her feet.
She is prepared to do anything
to bring back all that fire of the past,
She has beautiful fantasies
Yet she is shy to implement them
One afternoon, she made a deal with the devil,
She waited for him to come back home
As he was busy watching football,
she walked pass him with nothing on her skin
just with the beautiful scent of her perfume which caught him
He couldn’t stop looking, breathing, praising the image infront of him.
The beauty and the unexpected scene lured him to show his apreciation.
Something new was in his eyes
making him reach the peak of the hidden mountain of Everest.
Then two hearts were combined, the spark was ignited,
until then all was in the past,
A new step was taken to unleash the memories which were thought to be forgotten.
Everyday he waits patiently for the flower to blosom,
But not forgetting to show his appreciation,
A good girl gone bad,
Learnt to bring out the fun in him.
Better memories were created,
The impact was imprinted in him from that day until now…
The loneliness creeps as he struggle to make peace with his loss,
The flower still haunts him in his dreams
Although he enjoys it but it sadden him to think that he will never see her again.

Well known Ghost

I’m stunned by your appearance,
Yet I’ve known you for years,
I’ve promised myself that I’m going to cherish our friendship,
Though its not the best friendship in the world,
We could be together and utter no word
Asking myself what kind of a friend are you?
though you’d never disappointed me
but your presence makes me less integrated,
Remember the memories we’ve created,
You’d never judged me,
but your remarks made me felt foolish,
You cared less about my relationship
Let alone the pain that came with my hardship.
Sometimes I pretend that I don’t see you
while your dress code stood out from the crowd
I don’t know your real name but I know your face pretty well.
You are a well known ghost called loneliness,
Today I’m proud to say that I’m not embarrassed anymore to be your friend.

My shinning star

Suddenly you have become a far-fetched dream,
I’m starting to make peace,
Believe that you are better off without me,
The impact you possessed was never real,
You’ve already leaped away.
I’m relieved that we took our separate ways,
Our closure lasted for a while,
Now the truth is not hidden from our smiles,
We shine so brightly like the summer sun,
I’m pleased that we chose to carry on with our lives
Give the Almighty my greatest gratitude for opening my eyes,
Never entertain your heart for wanting something that is beyond,
Repeated a story untold,
felt heavy, a burden I cannot hold.
Your lasting imprint, lesson to be always cherished,
You only human,dominated human theories had consume your mind,
Your pride had blinded you not to see a pure gold on your side,
Played modest for the world to hide,
Buried our dejavu inside our hearts,
Nothing felt right every time I caught your sight
Pardon me for losing such gruesome fight,
Never intended for wasting our precious time,
Lets just kiss and say goodbye.
Our departure could resemble eternal light,
Although these wonderful companionship lasted for a short period of time,
I’m taking what’s rightfully mine,
I don’t want to leave anything behind,
Me and You we just different, I admit
Could not stand the heat you brought into my life,
But you will always be my shinning star.