We are never ever getting back together

I remember the bitter sweet taste of your lips when we kissed.
The lie you told when you said I was the only one

The forced laugh you uttered when I confronted you.

Your charming eyes drew me closer to the whirlpool of your narcissistic nature.

A confusing love portion which made me to see the saint in you. 

Drowned deeply into the darkest parts of your troubled soul. 

Normalized all your shortcoming because I was so forgiving and understanding.

Making promises that didnt materialize.

Truth be told…I am a sucker for cold hearted lover.

I was convinced that you came into my life with a bundle of hope and happiness.

I failed to notice the devil in you.

I am dealing with the injustice of your theatrical show you pulled when I was at my lowest.

Please dont come back with your excuses that you are now I changed man.

You admit your shortcomings and you are willing to do things right.

There is nothing to amend,

Thank you for bringing out the worst in me.

Thank you for changing me

Now I know the devil doesnt have horns and a tail.

The real devil is right here standing next to me.

Breathing the air that I breathe.


Unresolved issues of the past

Sweeping them off like dust which appears in places less attended,
Trying hard to hide them away
yet they are most likely to arrive without any invitation,
A scar which remained behind
will always triggered the mind with memories.
memories which the heart desire to forget,
whilst the mind chose not to listen.
Unresolved issues of the past
I cannot underestimate your will to possess my mind,
you refused to be buried,
You chose to be right there beside me like a shadow,
Following me everywhere I go…
rationality was never your friend,
causing trouble in life is your biggest achievement.
Until we’ve made peace with our quarrel
You will always remain my guest.
And I would be please to be at your service…
I am tired of fighting you
You occurred for a reason
You’ve given me a hell of a nightmare
But this time
I’ve learnt to stand tall like redwood
looking closely at my reflection on the mirror.
allowed reality to sink in,
realized that I am greater than what you thought,
Kingdom rise and fall
My fall is my victory
I have gained the strength of being true to myself,
my rise is my loss
For the eye will not see what lies beyond measure.
yet it claims to see all…
I refuse to enjoy the calmness of living life with less conflict,
Bitterness is the counterpart of sweet,
therefore the armor of appreciation
will help me grow to be a responsible being,
I have to accept the unexpected
be grateful for everything God had given me.

The Beginning

Problems may fall like rain,
Torture my soul, left me in pain
Makes my body shiver like the coldness I feel during winter.
Helps me to get by, I know there’s so much greatness to conquer
Now I know I am ALIVE
Fighting unbearable battles
Having so much hope that within these mysterious times I shall retain my strength.
Life has no formula to be lived,
Obtaining success and prosperity is my only wish
Never felt reluctant to be me
My problems will remind me of what I ought to achieve,
No one said it’s going to be easy road
Keeping my faith in check as I go
Realized that the curse will never end until I accept
Accept the shadow that walks with me,
Exist top widen my eyes to see,
Things falling apart while the worst are filled with greater things to be unfold,
The mystery is that will shaken the strong, tight ground
Embracing the significant gold that was found
Now I know there’s nothing that last forever
It occurs and it shall pass
Rivers overflowing with gifts of life
Accepting my situation with open arms
Hardship is the rebirth of joyful moment
Liberating yourself from all of these confusion
One day your heart will be fulfilled
Cleansing your soul through the seven seas
Keeping your heart contented
Reflecting an image of being extraordinary in your own universe.

Never forgotten

I’m sitting in the dark room,
hoping this image infront of me will become blur,left unseen
but the darkness had make it clearer,enhancing it effect
I want to remove this image permanently but I ain’t suceeding.
The stillness of this image frustrates me,
It reminds me of my flaws,
make me think about the past a lot.
I thought I have made peace with everything
but I guess I was wrong….
the image lingers in my mind like a favourite song
slowly occupying the space in my thoughts which was meant for other things.
Damn you…I struggle to forget the effect you had on me.
My eyes looking into spaces,searching for new images
Images that will evoke positive feelings
not the bitterness that leave my soul with anger
I guess you cast a spell of never to be forgetten
this is the price I’m willing to pay for my carelessness.
I’ve learnt a valuable lesson
One day you will be blown to and fro by the wind
lacking direction, remaining a useless image
the image that got no relevent credits.
I loved you onced…
I loved you twice…
Now I’m loving you forever.