P-passion resolved at its peak.
I-ineffable connection exposed by our warm bodies.
L-love leading us to discover our sense of self
L-longed moments,lips locked,bonded soul
O-only you understand this emotional exchange
W-wonderfully intertwined by the burning sensatiom of intimacy

T-tell me heart soothing tales of your upbringing
A-answering all the questions I had about your strange personality.
L-let me listen to your beating heart.
K-kiss me passionately,keep me interested until the next session take place


A kiss

Ordinary act of love,
embedded with emotions,memories,intense feelings
that are out of reach
Shared by two people,
captured in the moment.
hearts beating as one,
sending electrified feeling through their bodies,
composing a song only known by them only…
A kiss is like a fabric
threaded with deep feelings
paying attention to details
A needle sewing,joining the fabrics together.
Creating a beautiful silent song,
a product which ignite the mind with desires,
leaving them craving for pleasure,
Don’t get surprised,its human nature,
the wanting,needing is part of the equation.
Two bodies speaking a wordless language
taking part in an intimate theatrical play,
lacking knowledge of the plot
yet they search deep inside their souls,
a scent was left behind
awakening the unconscious mind
for him..she is one of the kind