Writers block

The burning desire to write forever torment your soul.
Dragged you through the ground until you admit that you are infected.
Infected with a disease which torture your silence.
Commanding thy self to stain all the blank pages with ink.
You are tired to think….tired to write
slowly rehabilitating thy self with destructions.
Refusing to the listen to the request made by the master.
Pushing afar the burning desire which forever makes you dillussional.
Leaving your soul in great hunger.
Writing is your contentment,
Dont forget the hand that feeds you.
Repressed memories banging violently unto the door of your thoughts.
Forcing you to remember the forgotten memories,
Reawakening all your human senses.
Allowing you to revive the actual ecstasy of writing,
the adrenaline rush which ooze through your blood veins.
Leading you to all sort of places.
Perfection was a taboo….seeing the imagery was very fulfilling.
You have lost the joy of peacefulness
Your thoughts are in constant turmoil.
Tell those murmuring voices inside your head to quieten down.
Making demands in order to be heard.
Keeping you restless and leaving you confused.
Taking charge, pushing, resisting until you surrender.

I AM EXPERIENCING WRITERS BLOCK….. #sad #confused #thoughts_warfare #darkest_place


Secret Admirer

He said let me peak through your nudeness.
Let me discover the beast underlying that thickness.
Allow me to end this madness,
Give me the honors to taste your sweetness.
Let my hands read your body like braille
I dont need my eye sight when I got my hands to explore the sensual narratives on your skin.
Reigniting the fire inside of you.
You are very fascinating….a mysterious species which I intend to study like an archeologist.
Just let me tease your body like an acoustic guitarist
playing a fine tune,
those eyes of yours are like a window
Let me peaked through just to see what lies beneath your shyness.
I dont mind getting lost into those eyes once again.
Lets go wherever nature lead us.
Your undying scent you left behind forever haunts me.
I still ache for your presence.
Save me from this dreadful place,
Something far more deeply is engraved through your face.
This wild ecstacy of our secret union shall lead us to a better place.
Allow me to deal with all the injustice of your past experiences.
I am not just an ordinary man.
I am an exclusive design of my maker.
My existence is very profound.
Allow me to drink water from your stream of intimacy.
Im dying of thirst.
Relax…..let me massage all your stiff muscles.
Dont think too much….just relax.
Im fully at your service.
Your are quite an adventure,
I’d like to discover all your hidden treasures.
Just let me….I promise to be tender.


The darkest longing that submerge through the veil of our denial,
Leave our bodies aching…
Simply conceal us to a pursuit of our dreams,
Dreams full of passion,letting the purest mind to linger through temptations,
the power engraved inside our souls makes us create magic
the magic which is beyond human anticipation,
who we are…is known by only us.
The fire we make with our bodies
Enchant our soul with great happiness
The burning flames leaving my body electrified.
The music created by our beating hearts
could only be heard by the heart that listen.
Your sensual touch slowly taking away my innocence
Leaving my soul bare,
Exploring the supernatural forces that moves through our veins,
We carry on as if this is just a game
Eyes closed,our reunion giving me butterflies,
this engagement had become what I’ve fantasized
You’ve let me enjoy the taste of our lustful passion
slowly drifting away like a forgotten dream
Taste so sweet like strawberries
leaving me with great bitterness.

Chasing Dreams

We spend our precious time chasing dreams,
Dreams that are too far to be reached,
Convince ourselves that the little effort we make push us closer,
yet forgetting to create an action plan,
We put ourselves in little boxes
Feeling afraid to explore the underlying mystery of our comfort zone,
Waiting for the shooting star to make a wish
Forgetting that life is inevitable,
We fumble when things go on a different direction,
Forgetting that everything happen for a reason,
Forces of life push us to the edge.
Inner conflict emerge
Feeling afraid to face our fears
We conform ourselves in small spaces
Ignoring the voices inside our heads..
Who are we fooling?
The world or ourselves,
We become the slave of our shortcomings
Allowing our failure to overshadow us
living our lives with denial
forgetting that the wheels turns,
nothing stay the same.


It had given us the possibilities ti travel places which we never knew.
Opened our eye to experience the hidden magic locked in our minds,
We submit ourselves upon things that no man consider to real,
What the next party fails to understand
is that there’s a gift that lies within us men.
A gift which is fairly distributed by our creator
It is up to a man to try and unlock the mysterious forces found within a gift.
Although one may argue that the gift pushes us away from reality.
Do we have certainty that we know what is real…
Good or bad things had been created by our imagination.
Our imagination holds the power to see things from different perspectives.
It feeds our intuitions
Allowing a creative man to invent a beautiful piece of art.
Do you believe that we all have this particular gift?
failing to embrace and understand it
feels like failing to accept a part of us.
Our imagination gives our lives a new meaning
it makes the picture more clearer
strengthen our instincts to be stronger
therefore a new chapter of our lives unfolds
A story untold is shared
Shared to a man that listens with his heart
Though he is the captain of the ship
He knows nothing about his destination
he is just sailing through the shore
Yet deep inside he knows that his imagination will get him
where he belongs…


I wish I could just smoke off my desires
Allow them to fade away with the wind
carry on like there never existed
they bombard my mind with illusions
Forcing me to make drastic decisions
The monster that lives inside
wishes to be dominant
taking away my sense of power and control
Demanding me to be submissive
Bend down on my knees
Fulfil the Master’s request
Does he care about my own wishes
It seems like we are compatible
yet we enjoy being in trouble
For the sake of feeding this hunger we feel inside
We carry on like we are the only beings which exist
exposing my conquest
Dining with our wickedness
Nothing will come between our romance
He had made me question my purpose of existence
Further shown me the goodness of his dominance
he is an artist
His inspiration comes from the touching and stroking of my breast
enjoying the fruit taken from my clitoris
I wish I knew his weakness
Use him gently for my deliverance
In public we pretend
but in bed we are best friends
satisfying our needs
enjoying the sweetness of our beehives
creating sensual memories that enchant our soul
a secret only known by us…
this is just a beginning of our lovely partnership

Loving someone

Somehow the meeting we had last night
left me with the injustice of my unsatisfied heart.
My mind remembering every event
that took place like my favourite movie,
Every scene being rewinded, feeling the exact emotions,
left me aflame fire burning to resemble the uniformity of loving someone unconditionally.
I hate you for letting me explore the goodness of being held for a long time.
I know that tommorow thats the only only things I would be thinking about…
Losing my concentration.
Now I understand the reason why I keep coming back for more,
even though we affirm ourselves that we gonna behave
for the sake of respecting social norms,
Yet here we are…touching,cuddling up,praising the silence of the night.
Acting like we are the only human alive,
We care less about the consequences of our actions.
Find it hard to resist the temptations,
Sometimes I find myself geting lost into your eyes.
Fantasizing about what we will do if we were lost in the garden of Eden.
The nature that surrounding us would have something to say,
Everytime your presence stir my imagination
which is embedded with curiosity.
Producing an effect only known by me.
Don’t let me question the love I have for you….
Can you heart the beating of my heart,
Perhaps you do not understand the language spoken
Allow me to translate but rest assured it will occur now until dawn.