The heart has no boundaries
It seek its own pleasure in ruins
Despise being shunned.
Bow down before deep darkest longings.
Uncertain about its own jurisdiction.
It is always kinetic,lacks the awareness of peacefulness.
Enjoy playing dangerous games.
Pounds vigorously when you hear his name.
Blind folds you with an exaggerated need for passion.
Provoke you further if you dont take its plea seriously
Carelessly representing you as a psychopath.
Pulling you closer to madness
Dragging your name through the mud.
Feeding the wolves with your flesh (dignity).
Reaching, reaching deeper to get the sense of gravity.
Manipulate the mind and body to satisfy its own delusions.
Remains ungoverned until it exposes your weakness
Found solace from wandering in the wilderness
Easily tempted, living with the curse of loneliness.
Driving your thoughts too far away
Depict you as a lunatic.
It doesnt understand the language of waiting
When it want, it want it now
Immediate gratification.



Unresolved issues of the past

Sweeping them off like dust which appears in places less attended,
Trying hard to hide them away
yet they are most likely to arrive without any invitation,
A scar which remained behind
will always triggered the mind with memories.
memories which the heart desire to forget,
whilst the mind chose not to listen.
Unresolved issues of the past
I cannot underestimate your will to possess my mind,
you refused to be buried,
You chose to be right there beside me like a shadow,
Following me everywhere I go…
rationality was never your friend,
causing trouble in life is your biggest achievement.
Until we’ve made peace with our quarrel
You will always remain my guest.
And I would be please to be at your service…
I am tired of fighting you
You occurred for a reason
You’ve given me a hell of a nightmare
But this time
I’ve learnt to stand tall like redwood
looking closely at my reflection on the mirror.
allowed reality to sink in,
realized that I am greater than what you thought,
Kingdom rise and fall
My fall is my victory
I have gained the strength of being true to myself,
my rise is my loss
For the eye will not see what lies beyond measure.
yet it claims to see all…
I refuse to enjoy the calmness of living life with less conflict,
Bitterness is the counterpart of sweet,
therefore the armor of appreciation
will help me grow to be a responsible being,
I have to accept the unexpected
be grateful for everything God had given me.

A woman with a broken heart

She can slowly kill you with her smile,
Tarnish your reputation without knowing
caught you with her claws like a lion seeing its prey.
You’d sworn that she is a nun…
with devious motives.
She got love in her soul,
yet the world chose to unfold her dark side,
Beware of her undying scent that lingers through the air,
making every men lose their minds
become out of control.
Allowing them to drink the milk of her sorrows.
her flashing eyes makes you see what you desire.
until you realize her sacred river
which overflows with great pain.
You would wish you’d never met her,
she will suck your moral principles
capture you in her submarine.
Allow you to feel the pain caused by another man.
subconsciously grab your attention,
play with your soul until she gets her own satisfaction,
Don’t forget to say your prayers when you see her,
She can easily take what you adored.
Leave you in disgust.
She care less about what people say,
once she made up her mind
She just react…
although she admire the love,lust,passion resembled by the tango.
She is her own boss.
Allow no man to take away her freedom
She trust no one, only herself.
She is bitter as hell
She can curse you,wear her Victorian secret collection
everyday to hide away the pain.
Walk away before you get trapped under her spell.