Random thoughts

Sitting on the bench of my fears,
looking at open spaces filled with memories,
An unforgettable song keeping my mind occupied,
A smile from a stranger being observed from a distance,
loved ones holding each others hands to sustain their reunion.
suddenly a scent which lingers through the air triggers the mind,
making you believe that somethings don’t just fall behind,
they forever follow you like your own shadow,
constantly asking yourself whether the curse will carry on even tomorrow,
surely you’ve mistaken reality with fantasy,
repressed emotions don’t hide themselves for too long…
they get tired and the water from the bottle start spilling
you are forced to start talking.
taking a journey through memory lane,
trying to make sense with everything around you.
feeling so overwhelmed,suffocated by your own ignorance,
you need help….
yet you are too proud…
Your confusion keep you asleep like a lullaby
giving you nightmares that are made up of candies,
then you wake up in unfamiliar place
wondering how you got there…
then you remember,it was just a dream…
a dream which felt so real,
a dream which needs to be dealt with sooner.


New start

Choices taken,
Tears have fallen,
Words have been spoken
hearts have been broken.
The betrayer is forgiven.
The long lost memories remembered
Till we meet again,
our path intersected
you became a lesson learned.
I hate you for teaching me to love,
the prophecies of unknown places
floating above the seas
reminding us of the pain we have experienced
A heartache that leave the soul with anger
yet the desire to feel you close burns me up until I surrender.
Ignorance became the cure of my confusion
I slept motionless listening to my screaming heart
Wanting something beyond my strength
I am tired of fighting…
this battle isn’t mine.
This is my new start…forgive me if I leave you behind.

His hands,His touch

Release the tension around my neck,shoulder and lower spine
His sensational strokes arouse me to high peak of my body temperature,
I close my eyes, enjoying his touch
feeling his warm body close to mine,
couldn’t decide whether i should surrender,
His hands speak a heart soothing language
Keeping my body electrified
feeling so protected.
Realized that it is his nature to allow his hands to do all the talking.
As I wrap my legs around his thighs
He insisted to take me to a promised land
Where I would only remember his sensual touch
Eyes shut tight,
taking me to place I have loved
Our bodies becoming the instruments that unleash the vibration from inside
hearing pure sound,singing a song without the notes.
We both acknowledge the vibration we feel on our skin
Impatiently seeking for a specific reason to conquer the shadow of our love,
sweet entreaties but the seduction of our melody
Took note to places to linger,as we try so hard to push our inner uncertainty
Your hands seduces me,
Keeping my boy calm like a sedative.