The world is saturated with things we cannot control
The ideology of power is held by the law.
then who makes this laws?
loss of power is a terrible loss for all human kinds,
everyday we wish to sail through any challenges
Forgetting that our power comes with a standard,
Float above the ocean of our pain and sorrows,
Ensuring that everyman evaluate us as being strong.
Are you strong enough to carry all your burdens?
Are you made our of steel?
Are you unbreakable?
really you need to think about yourself
Being selfish van be a virtue of better understanding
stop pretending and start acting.


The story untold

It is deeply rooted into a man’s heart,
it keeps him restless at night
swiftly move like the waves in the sea,
Torture him until he admits on his bended knees.
Storms and hail will always occur
causing confusion,yet he knows what he really wants.
The Antagonist is unknown,
giving the lustful heart a blissful time
occured during ancient times.
Belonging to the heart that listens
The plot becomes musical
Enduring endless melodies unheared.
But his patience will bring salvation
the climax engrave within his soul.
making him stronger than before…
wearing the garment which will tarnish his image so proudly,
He knows that tommorow he will rejoice under the sunlight
people wondering if he had lost his mind,
his love will garnish the hatred locked inside with peacefulness.
Until he understand his purpose
he will never stop searching for food
to feed his unbearable humger
Fear hung over his head like a dark cloud.
Leaving his footprint behind
Teaching young man to stay true to themselves.
Becoming thee greatest soldier of a small army.
Defeating the beast with his love of life.
His hall-mark will live-on
Encrust his delicancy found within his nature
This is not just a story of a happy ending
It is a story untold by no man.
A secret he will forever carry unto his grave
Leaving behind a legacy.
His story will continue to live with generations to generations
Until a soul makes it own
We shall live peacefully in liberation.

This place

This place will always serve as a reminder of what I’ve been through,
the memories created will be the testimony when the lawyer seek for evidence.
I didn’t mean to burn it down like a repressed thought in my mind.
Carried on like I’d never been there before…
Slowly the scars kept showing as much as I try to hide it.
the sweet aroma of baked cookies will always remain in my senses,
making me feel the warmth,coldness of the wind that blows outside the window.
This place becomes a book written by me,
telling tales of my childhood,
the heartaches I’ve felt…
the challenges I’ve experienced…
All the lesson learnt started from there.
I honor the women who kept the place warm without a fire place.
made it felt inviting even though she had nothing luxurious.
her gentleness,tender love was the most expensive treasure given.
This place is my home…
The first chapters of my life book begins here.
Together we have cried,laughed,fought yet we still stand united
Portraying a lifelong picture that puts a smile on my face,
A picture that resemble unconditional love,peace and happiness.
Surely there is no place like home.

Pieces of the puzzle

I shall travel this road fearless,
Carrying only hope in my luggage
with a purpose of finding the pieces of the puzzle.
I can’t go on without them
I gotta see the complete picture,
The picture that would lead me to my destiny.
As I am walking on this journey
I realised the core purpose of finding the lost pieces,
Got no time to waste,
I shall not lose faith.
I am powerful beyong measures.
God had restore greatness inside me.
I shall appreciate the gift he has given me.
Deep inside me lies greatness
Finding it root, would be the beginning of unleashing great things.
the beginning of finding my own happiness.
It is only “HIM” who knows my purpose of existence.
Don’t underestimate the darkness
It will always mess aroung your happiness
But choose to be happy because you have God on your side.

Purest Magic

The night is filled with so much magic,
The moon above the sky dancing to the music made by the owls,
The scent captured within the wind makes my mind travel a mile,
Reminding me about that night I spent with him,dreaming around his arms.
The sound of moving trees,a distance laughter echos in my ears,
Giving me the awareness of the pure magic found inside my body,
The stars beautifully glittering overhead,
A sedate feeling filled my heart with peace,
Everything looked beautiful.
My soul was filled with great happiness,
Now I’ve found my piece of mind,
My private space of liberation,
Located deeply inside my heart.

This wonderful artist piece was inspired by the book written by Nora Roberts,The Donovan Legacy-Captivated.


Lost awareness of my real emotions,
Floating through an unknown stream,
The roar inside me commanding me to scream!
I’m no longer familiar with the sweetest taste of strawberry ice-cream.
Lost my appetite after taking that strange trip,
Don’t tell anyone what is really happening,
Your personal life is allergic to public attention,
Remain unknown,save yourself from being asked all sort of questions.

Spent most of your time hiding,
The scar on your face keeps on reminding,
Forgive me for being confusing,
Sometimes I am Stunned by my own reflection on the mirror,
My eye sight tend to deceive me,
Finding it hard to see the actual image,
Troubled by the picture in front of me,
I wish I understood the artist intentions.
Everyday I’m introduced to a new creation.

Someday you’ll be forced to reconnect with that past,
Cannot built your judgement based on assumptions,
You’ve lost interest upon fulfilling other people’s expectations.
You will always remain unknown,
An alien, misunderstood.
Portrait as being weird because of your uniqueness,
Don’t allow the world to jeopardize your happiness.

Everyday I will cherish the gift of life no matter how small they may be,
A little dose of magic will add color to my subtle image of life,
Teach me to smile
Embrace the beauty seen through my sight.