Behind closed doors

tears are drowning a broken hearted girl,
Wishing none of this could happen
A pain of a grown up man,
makes her heart oozes,pumping the blood filled with despair,
then she remembers that there’s more to life.
Pain comes and go
she need to cherish that tomorrow is a new day.

Behind closed doors
a woman is beaten up
by a man who claims to love her much
Yet he communicate using his hands
Hoping she will understand,
a sense of happiness had been taken away from her
living with a beast that fails to be a good man.
Blaming her for his shortcomings,
taking her to a guilt trip everytime she wants to run away,
Feeling obligated that living with this man will keep him alive.
The love that brought them together had already died.
there’s no hope in living her life in disguise,
Feeding the curious/suspicious mind with lies.
One day the beast will not take away her peace
even her life is at stake.

Behind closed doors
A family dine in deceit,
eating the food filled with shame
secrets fill their drinks,
showing the world a picture of a perfect family,
away form the curious eyes…
they sleep peacefully with their bitterness,
Everyone is in battle.
Armoured with a lack of trust,
moving forward to retain victory,
while their brothers and sisters are left behind.
Luxuries shall grant them affection and compassion.

Behind closed doors
The leader of broken promises
sail beyond the ocean filled with fortune
Exchanging ideas about how to suck the blood from the weak.
Feeding their hunger of greed with poisonous ideas that increases their desires,
Unequal laws shattered their dreams,
waking from a nightmare caused by the existence of the cruel man.
A man who claims to be a good friend,
telling you what you want to hear,
using you to climb high on the ladder,
Laughing behind your back
celebrating his victory without acknowledging your helping hands,
a greedy heart never shared anything with his brother


Girl on fire

carry on like the world revolve around her finger tips,
Whatever comes out of her mouth subliminally capture the mind,
The mind of a man with good listening skills
Her flirtatious nature is likely to get her into trouble,
making him believe what he ought to see.
her smile deprive him form reaching the peak of her thoughts.
she remains unknown,confusing the wise mind with indirect remarks.
Though she enjoys intoxicating the purest heart with fantasies,
Inside she is screaming for help…
feeling anxious to arrive home safely,
I don’t blame her…
The fire that burns inside her makes her feel complete,
yet its resemble a vicious nature difficult to understand.
she dance with the moon and stars at night,
allowing the eye to see her inner beauty,
Struggling to forget the bitter memories of her past.
seeking refuge at isolated places.
The shadow that walks with her brings her shame,
constantly reminding her that things will never be the same,
She looks like an open book,
yet some chapters remain missing
like an incomplete puzzle
Her life lacking the coexistence of love and happiness.
her non existing fantasies had left her with great bitterness.
But now she understand the hidden goodness of being submissive.
Now her fire will burn forever
living her life without limitations