Forget the tragedies which makes you bitter
Overcome the odds of breaking your heart once again
Remember your past mistakes, learn from them
Give yourself time; don’t be hard on yourself
Invest your energy on things which will yield beneficial results
Valuable lesson are learnt through heartbreak and failure.
Eliminate threatening situations

Take care of your heart
Hold on to your intuitive eye; it’s a precious gift
You shouldn’t give up

Seize this opportunity before it is too late
Embrace all your faults and virtues
Live your life to the fullest
Fulfil your heart desires; your happiness is your responsibility.



Dear YOU

You have built this long walls around you,
preventing everyone not to jump through,
Found contentedness within your alone-less
You get bitter when you experience interference
The numbness that flows through your veins
unfold the hidden treasures of your existence
Your uniqueness is a threat to them,
They pretend as if they understand you better…
their lack of truth and justification pushes them further,
Rejoice over your silence
Wisdom is granted to those who LISTEN
the pleasures of affiliation will be enjoyed later.
Now…everything is about YOU
Search for your inner voice,
Listen to it attentively
Your inner peace is the greatest harvest
Let your thoughts flow freely like the river
but be careful of the temptations that blows with the wind.
Stay focus,put your trust in GOD
Everything will be well.
Do not seek pleasure in things that will make you perish
Pleasures that last for a short while are meaningless
Your patience will help you flourish
therefore help you to unlock the doors to eternal happiness.

Forbidden Fruit

Leave your soul with darkest desires
pulling you closer to deception,
Perpetuated with unbearable temptations
A decision need to be made..
Experience exist to test your fate,
Your mind cannot think straight.
Hands touching,stroking
Leaving the body burning
Fragility,vulnerability sinking in…
Your pride wanting you to be virtuous,
while you cannot resist the sweetness of his castle
Lust buried deep
giving you wild dreams
the power of his magic makes you weak
releasing the numbness with his electrified hands.
his memory haunt your dreams,
leaving you longing to taste his sweet lips with a kiss,
his presence drowning you in the ocean of wild ecstasy
the darkest longing blinds you,
Making you to take a trip to your own grave,
the light shown on his face
makes you weak on your knees
You call his name through your sleep
You forget that he can easily tempt you to commit a bad deed,
He can grant you a pleasurable moment lasting for a minute,
leaving your heart with coldness
the forbidden fruit could take away your greatest happiness
never make a deal with the devil
the fruit is poisonous
walk away from the goodness that will never last for a long time,
Do not let him to use you for his victory
one day you’ll find a right place for love…
allow patience to become your revelation,
Your leap of faith shall teach you thee greatest lesson of life.


It’s never wise to reshuffle thoughts
Causing displacement,confusion of some sort
losing the virtue of understanding
craving to taste the fruit of high expectations
For the mind to function accordingly…
processing cognitive dilemmas
make it quiet as it tends to scream out loud.
deal with the confusion on face value
Crudely anticipating ideas
diminishing all your fears
losing control over things you hold dear
yet you decide to die in silence
leaving your point unclear
making the next mission impossible to complete
enjoying the goodness of my own medicine
my shortcomings pulling me down
forgetting that the sun will rise
shine on me to light up my path
God…teach me not to rush
The dilemma troubles my mind
They exist to teach me a lesson about life
they should not cloud my thoughts

My Worth

My worth is not determined by the people appraisal
My worth is beyond measure,
No man can anticipate the accurate limit,
I am who I am.
God has implanted a seed that is growing across any season.
Although sometimes my fears tend to blind me
I stand firmly on the ground weighing my options with open eyes
I believe everyone has the ability to unfold the mysteries of the world.
Just be patient, sense through the impact brought by nostalgia
Allow all your senses to remind you of the beauty that resemble through your footprint.
We are different and our purpose is going to be established differently.
Let’s stop playing the comparison game
And embrace life as it is….
God promised that tomorrow change will conquer everything.
Everyday the sun will rise to give us better understanding of ourselves
Yet today we are still searching for our purpose.

Wake up call

As I sat motionless at that corner,
Reflecting back my absurd moment of weakness,
Discovered the presence of the beast,
The beast that puts me in shame
Making my life a hell,
Left me in the deepest depth of temptations,
Made me a culprit of the present accusations.
Obtain satisfaction through my short comings
Blameless is he, I ought to fight till the end.

Strengthen myself worth by honoring my principles
Walked barefoot upon the thorns of the valley
Chose to embrace the life-long lessons
Though I’m only human,
Perfection isn’t my closest friend
Tried a lot of things to escape,
Yet the remembrance of disgrace chose to carry on,
This wake up call helps me to move on.
Look at things on a different perspective,
Help me to distinguish between pure love and lust.

Although I might be lost in the wilderness,
God would always find me, guide me through infinite possibilities,
His eyes striving for wrongful delusions’
Desiring to take away what belongs to me
Seeing my rose losing its beautiful features trouble my soul,
It had blossom so lovely during spring time,
I cannot let you take what’s mine
Thanks for playing your part
Sometimes trying to understand the art of temptations could be very confusing,
Yet I thank thee for such a good warning.

My heart of gold

You’ve went through so much heartache,
You’ve been used,
You’ve been cherished,
You’ve been loved
and you’ve been hated for your free spirited attitude.
Though the world had put you in so much pain,
YOu keep on loving.
You’d never stopped forgiving.
During time of despair you keep on smiling.
I have tried understanding you
but I’m not succeeding.
My heart of gold,
You never gor weary of my confusions,
Kept my troubled soul at ease,
Captured the stillness of the free flowing
stream with the heart beat to form a beautiful melody.
Reminding me of my true worth,
Never underestimated the power of your existence.
Sometimes I question your kindness,
Trouble you with this world bitterness.
Tried hiding you away from the world
Yet you reassured me that nothing will come between us.
The pain will pass by like useless wind,
memories will remind us about what and where we’ve been…
The peaceful stream wil flow so gentle to wash away the dirt on our feet.
reminding us of our imperfections,
Feeling thankful everyday to hear you beating…
Pounding to remind me that I am alive.
Today is just another day to climb through the mountains.
Feeling eager to reach it peak
The gentle breeze filling my every sense with liberation,
I shall honor the creator for giving me such an important gift of life.

Pieces of the puzzle

I shall travel this road fearless,
Carrying only hope in my luggage
with a purpose of finding the pieces of the puzzle.
I can’t go on without them
I gotta see the complete picture,
The picture that would lead me to my destiny.
As I am walking on this journey
I realised the core purpose of finding the lost pieces,
Got no time to waste,
I shall not lose faith.
I am powerful beyong measures.
God had restore greatness inside me.
I shall appreciate the gift he has given me.
Deep inside me lies greatness
Finding it root, would be the beginning of unleashing great things.
the beginning of finding my own happiness.
It is only “HIM” who knows my purpose of existence.
Don’t underestimate the darkness
It will always mess aroung your happiness
But choose to be happy because you have God on your side.

Random conversation

Just by sayin “Hi” you open a door to new possibilities.
A smile from a stranger shape your thoughts in a different way,
Conversation lasted for few minutes gives your life a new meaning.
You don’t know this person by name
Yet you feel like you’ve known each other for years.
God is great and act in mysterious ways.
You’ve struggled to pin point that one aspect during the time of confusion,
Therefore a soul came to you,
Sharing his gift (wisdom) with you
You will forget his face, yet remember every word he said…..
Surely we walk pass angels everyday unaware,
our eyes limiting us to see the greatness that lies within this unknown soul.
Never underestimate random conversations shared with a stranger,
Sometimes you don’t need a friend to comfort or brighten your day
Someone you met at the grocery store, at the park or at school could unleash hidden treasures of life,
Everyday there’s a lesson to be learnt
A mistake to be rectified,
A laughter to be shared,
A memory to be cherised.
Juts give yourself time to listen,
Listen closely to the beautiful sound created by this unknown pianist,
He plays the music which seemed to be unknown
Today his music will sound unfamiliar
but tommorow you’ll understand the meaning behind his composed melodies.
Embrace the mysteries that comes with your human senses
The creator had a purpose of giving you such an extraodinary gift,
Be grateful, learn to cherish those little things.