Error of my life

He breathes the air of liberation,
Ensured that each moment I spent with him
was a lifetime celebration.
Although we both know that the game we are playing is very dangerous,
The chemistry we possessed is fearless
breaking the unbreakable walls between us.
making me whole in a short period of time.
I had seen him looking at me with questionable eyes,
realized that these are more than just short term glances.
Stopping my mind from creating assumptions about him.
He who wants to be part of my universe shall prove his worth.
The words he chose to speak overshadow my consciousness.
calmness was his closest friend
and his soul sincere.
As i struggle to connect with his inner self,
He took me by his hand
Explained himself in plain simple spoken words.
Through his words I found comfort
understand him perfectly well,
leaving me to long to be with him till dawn.
Voices locked inside me are unknown
reacted dull while I knew the truth.
The truth thou shall break all the boundaries.
Give me coated dreams while I’m asleep.
Beneath his brown skin I see a King,
Royal Highness who ought to set me free,
The truth is that I’m prepared to make this error of my life.
His worth it, his one of the kind.
can’t see through his deceiving smile
Prevent myself from believing that he could be mine.


Moving in circles

I am tired of fighting battles which are not my own,
You’ve left a long time,don’t get surprise
when you see me smile
I’ve carried the burden you’ve leftr behind on my own
Allowed the spirit of nature to give me abundance.
I am a woman now
I can’t run after you like you are my own to keep…
You’ve dominated my freedom,
Put me in prison, left me nude
the coldness felt on my skin was harsh yet it taught me something.
Something profound which live inside of me for a very long time.
It seems like you get your entertainment from moving in circles.
Passing time with your pretendence,
Smiling to the world as if you understand how I feel,
Being with you made me realize that I deserve better…
Living under your shadow made me lose touch with myself.
My life was moving in circles.
Lacking substance…
Lacking direction…
But now I’m proud to say that I’m free
My life is not regulated by you anymore,
I have restored my sense of worth,
I feel no remorse for letting you be in my life.
You are a necessary experience that will develop me to a loving person.
I thank you…
Till we meet again,my dear friend.

New Possibilities

This desire of finding the actual answer takess all my energies,
Limiting the possibilities of living peacefully.
Sometimes I got to let things die,
Creating a space of new rebirth which moves with time,
Finding difficulties to alocate the actual problem.

Peace could be found with the realization that changes must be made,
Often anxiety is the price to pay for not accepting change.
The feeling of longing to be in control makes me exhausted,
Exposing the fear of being seen fragile,
Opening the windows every morning to give my room a new life.
Allowing the gentle breeze to to its magnificent job.

Blowing away the blues, congested memories of the night,
Feeling awaken as I drank my coffee,
The readiness of exploring today’s new possibilities shine through my eyes,
Thoughts of last night dreams intend to dominate my free spirited mood.
Giving me trouble to make up my mind.
But faith emerged from that hardship,
Restoring hope about building a bridge between confusion and understanding.
Soon I will be able to cross over,leave the confusion behind,
Find my inner self.
Waving goodbye to the old, welcoming the new possibilties with open arms.

Purest Magic

The night is filled with so much magic,
The moon above the sky dancing to the music made by the owls,
The scent captured within the wind makes my mind travel a mile,
Reminding me about that night I spent with him,dreaming around his arms.
The sound of moving trees,a distance laughter echos in my ears,
Giving me the awareness of the pure magic found inside my body,
The stars beautifully glittering overhead,
A sedate feeling filled my heart with peace,
Everything looked beautiful.
My soul was filled with great happiness,
Now I’ve found my piece of mind,
My private space of liberation,
Located deeply inside my heart.

This wonderful artist piece was inspired by the book written by Nora Roberts,The Donovan Legacy-Captivated.


Lost awareness of my real emotions,
Floating through an unknown stream,
The roar inside me commanding me to scream!
I’m no longer familiar with the sweetest taste of strawberry ice-cream.
Lost my appetite after taking that strange trip,
Don’t tell anyone what is really happening,
Your personal life is allergic to public attention,
Remain unknown,save yourself from being asked all sort of questions.

Spent most of your time hiding,
The scar on your face keeps on reminding,
Forgive me for being confusing,
Sometimes I am Stunned by my own reflection on the mirror,
My eye sight tend to deceive me,
Finding it hard to see the actual image,
Troubled by the picture in front of me,
I wish I understood the artist intentions.
Everyday I’m introduced to a new creation.

Someday you’ll be forced to reconnect with that past,
Cannot built your judgement based on assumptions,
You’ve lost interest upon fulfilling other people’s expectations.
You will always remain unknown,
An alien, misunderstood.
Portrait as being weird because of your uniqueness,
Don’t allow the world to jeopardize your happiness.

Everyday I will cherish the gift of life no matter how small they may be,
A little dose of magic will add color to my subtle image of life,
Teach me to smile
Embrace the beauty seen through my sight.