Moving in circles

I am tired of fighting battles which are not my own,
You’ve left a long time,don’t get surprise
when you see me smile
I’ve carried the burden you’ve leftr behind on my own
Allowed the spirit of nature to give me abundance.
I am a woman now
I can’t run after you like you are my own to keep…
You’ve dominated my freedom,
Put me in prison, left me nude
the coldness felt on my skin was harsh yet it taught me something.
Something profound which live inside of me for a very long time.
It seems like you get your entertainment from moving in circles.
Passing time with your pretendence,
Smiling to the world as if you understand how I feel,
Being with you made me realize that I deserve better…
Living under your shadow made me lose touch with myself.
My life was moving in circles.
Lacking substance…
Lacking direction…
But now I’m proud to say that I’m free
My life is not regulated by you anymore,
I have restored my sense of worth,
I feel no remorse for letting you be in my life.
You are a necessary experience that will develop me to a loving person.
I thank you…
Till we meet again,my dear friend.

Secret Place

Where do I begin?
When will this madness end?
I sat motionless on the library desk
while my mind was busy roaming, traveling to an unknown place.
A place which has serenity and selfless liberation,
Having a great need to share the secrets of these place with this person next to me.
I feel like sharing will bring great fulfillment,
Enhance the natural connection of our own excitement,
I am afraid that you will react differently,
Your stubbornness would restrict you from feeling this pure happiness.
Can you hear the soft music that we create with our bodies,
We need not said anything,
Let’s just free our soul and enjoy the song created by our heart beats.
It sadden me that it will take time for you to understand,
accept reality and act neutral towards this situation
Do you believe that whatever we share is real?

Purest Magic

The night is filled with so much magic,
The moon above the sky dancing to the music made by the owls,
The scent captured within the wind makes my mind travel a mile,
Reminding me about that night I spent with him,dreaming around his arms.
The sound of moving trees,a distance laughter echos in my ears,
Giving me the awareness of the pure magic found inside my body,
The stars beautifully glittering overhead,
A sedate feeling filled my heart with peace,
Everything looked beautiful.
My soul was filled with great happiness,
Now I’ve found my piece of mind,
My private space of liberation,
Located deeply inside my heart.

This wonderful artist piece was inspired by the book written by Nora Roberts,The Donovan Legacy-Captivated.