Hiding through smiles

Why are we fighting each other
while we are fighting the same fight.
Our emotions surge behind close doors,
The truth hung over us like the morning mist,
Try so hard to hide our feelings in the wind.
Slowly blowing through our eyes,
stood next to each other with folded arms.
During the night we sleep on the bed of regrets.
Hide under the blankets of our loneliness.
Dream about the good moments we could share,
the pillow of pretending comfort us.
When the sun decide to rise,
we smile to hide the bitterness locked inside.
Hoping to be together again…
Now is only the matter of time.
one day we will get our moment to shine.

Fire Burning

Music playing on the back ground,
Thoughts being caught up around unfamiliar places,
Silent night, dare to dream.
Failing to understand the feelings locked inside me.
Suddenly realized that I long for him more than ever.
Our last conversation did not end very well,
Left me with mixed emotions I cannot explain,
His phone call left me unsatisfied,
Our memories wrapped me up with sweet sour emotions,
though I hate it when we start to fighting
In darkness he still finds me.
He’d never felt weary to entertain me till dawn,
He felt guilty even if I was wrong
hr knows how to keep the fire burning inside me.