Wake up call

As I sat motionless at that corner,
Reflecting back my absurd moment of weakness,
Discovered the presence of the beast,
The beast that puts me in shame
Making my life a hell,
Left me in the deepest depth of temptations,
Made me a culprit of the present accusations.
Obtain satisfaction through my short comings
Blameless is he, I ought to fight till the end.

Strengthen myself worth by honoring my principles
Walked barefoot upon the thorns of the valley
Chose to embrace the life-long lessons
Though I’m only human,
Perfection isn’t my closest friend
Tried a lot of things to escape,
Yet the remembrance of disgrace chose to carry on,
This wake up call helps me to move on.
Look at things on a different perspective,
Help me to distinguish between pure love and lust.

Although I might be lost in the wilderness,
God would always find me, guide me through infinite possibilities,
His eyes striving for wrongful delusions’
Desiring to take away what belongs to me
Seeing my rose losing its beautiful features trouble my soul,
It had blossom so lovely during spring time,
I cannot let you take what’s mine
Thanks for playing your part
Sometimes trying to understand the art of temptations could be very confusing,
Yet I thank thee for such a good warning.