What if I kissed you….?

Eyes looking,
Hands touching,
My mind thinking,
Wondering whether this was just a dream,
Felt my heart racing, pounding creating sweet melodies
Lips locked together telling an unforgettable story,
Being held closely to feel your warmth
With you, my love, I tend to lose control.
These sensational feeling buried inside makes me wonder…
Wonder how it could be if you were locked inside me
Having a passionate time together,
Wishing that moment to last forever.

Longing to give each other eternal satisfaction,
By the near future, it could be our greatest celebration,
You become a tree holding me tight on your branches, keeping me warm
Feeling these tenderness that grew inside me,
Having unlimited questions in my mind
Assured myself that this relation was built on lies, lust
The heart longing to be beside him,
Giving him a long passionate kiss-
Begging him to unleash my potential as he please
Our body gestures creating a lovely rhythm
Stillness of time blinds me,
The exploring part begins,
It wasn’t easy as it seems,
Took me places I’d never been,
Showed me images I’d never seen, while crawling inside me.
Making me feel the emotions I’d never feel.

It was imperative to leave him,
Though my parting soul troubled me,
His hands touched me, rose my body heat,
For this dodgy game I thought I was unfit
Yet I enjoyed every part of it.
Whether we decided to walk on the street of Manhattans
The O’Jays still yearn to caught the sight of us
Both the song we sing is rated platinum
Using our smiles to plug in the truth to hide
Ignoring the sound made by our pounding hearts
Your closure makes me high,
Though I’m a non-smoker-
I see you through the smoke of our love-
Never prepared to go on rehab,
Just enjoying my addiction.