New You

I chose to paint you with a different brush.

Associate you with a new identity.

a new image intensified with a new meaningful passion.

You had followed a disgraceful path.

Your eyes reflect the harsh realities of your past.

Let me guide you to a promised land,

a place of love and peace

You’ve been broken for such a long time.

You have forgotten the sweet sounds of blessings.

Small things which gives great pleasure

The cacophony which dwells inside your mind shall be evicted by pleasing thoughts.

You fail to recognize the existence of love and happiness.

You are preoccupied with depressing events.

with quietness and acceptance

The disturbing thoughts get easily swayed by the wind.

Allow pleasing thoughts to drive you forth

Be the guardian of your thoughts


Sometimes in life we tend to ignore the truth because of its bitter taste and we forget that the truth lessen the burden of living life with depressing thoughts. Sometimes its fine to feel sad or angry. Allow yourself to go through those emotions now rather than dealing with them later when its too late.

P.s Life is a mixture of happy and sad memories.



Some ghosts are not easily laid to rest.

They decide to exhume without warning,

exposing their existence uninvited.

Especially when you begin to enjoy your peace.

Although you have buried them deeply underneath the rocks of concrete.

They refuse to stay there.

Then they come banging at your door

Expecting a warm welcome.

Even though you chose to leave the door locked

They find a way to come back

sneaking, peeling off the layers of the concrete

They are like terrorist with a mission to destroy.

Carrying an atomic bomb filled with hostility.

They know nothing but war.

Obedience is marked by death

Serving a higher purpose

Who is their Master?

they thirst for blood, pain and despair.

Your downfall gives them great pleasure.

Do not fell threatened

You are not entirely alone.

You are protected by the most powerful, most loving and most caring being.

The past always haunts us especially if there are feelings which you haven’t dealt with during that time. Letting go is not easy hence it takes time. Therefore, everyday I give myself time to reflect back and try to find a way to forgive myself for the things I could have done differently thus embracing the lessons which comes with it. This is a journey. Forgive yourself and be thankful you are given a second chance which is the present moment.

P.S You are beautiful and strong.


Quote of the day No.1

How can I write your name in the sky when you broke my wing?

Im dragged down by your gravity of deceptions and hate.

You like it when Im on the ground.

Though you have taken some part of me.

You didn’t take away my heart.


You are not a keeper….

I have warned you to stay away
Yet you chose to keep coming back for more.
I thirst for your water from the fountain of lustful desires, deception.
Cleansing my soul with deeper sensations.
Begging me to expose my vulnerability.
Thus you ignite the fire inside with soft traces of your strokes.
Touching, caressing and playing acoustic melodies on my skin.
Reaching deeper and deeper
Until the blazing flames of our desire is tattooed on our skin.
Allowing the forgotten feelings to come alive, visibly.
Evidently leaving behind the invisible scars of our erotic passion.
Then we dance with our bodies under the shadow of shame.
Hiding our faces under the duvet of sinners.
Unshameful about the choice we had made.
You took charge of my thoughts.
Cursing your return with ignorance.
You are not a keeper.
You are just a seasonal passion…creeper.

Beautiful nightmare

Though I have tasted the swetnesss of your deception I keep coming back for more.

You are a habit I cannot resist

A drug which keeps me intoxicated with deep seductive charm,

forcing me to expose my vulnerability

I just can’t get enough.

I have let you in my life to close the emptiness and the void which I have hidden for such a long time.

Feed you with lies, toyed with your feelings and made you believe I am happy even satisfied

Fuck……I didn’t want to bruise your ego.  You were just a short-lived fun, risky, thrilling to experience and I liked every minute of it.

Your presence gave me an adrenalin run

I knew that adventure is your middle name.

Then suddenly I couldn’t deal with the catastrophic experience which burns me with mixed emotions.

You are such a beautiful nightmare that I have began to enjoy.

Please don’t wake me yet…..

Once this is over, just forget we had ever met.

Move on….we are just strangers, you do not know my name.

I am dangerous….you just deserve better.

take me back

Take me back to our teenage love,

I want to hear the purest sound of our heart beat.

Beating as one…..drawing ourselves closer to our dream

a dream once shared…..memories we have created.

I want to get lost in your eyes

I want to feel the innocence of our passion

The stolen moments which still lingers in my mind

let me write your name amongst the stars

Hold you tightly under the moonlight

Becoming captivated by your undying scent of your cologne.

Every hour spent with you

I will forever cherish in my heart

I wish you nothing but the best.

Caress my body with those strong gentle hands of yours

Ignite the deepest longings I’ve hidden for so long

sensual longings that are beyond the reach of human thought

feed this unbearable appetite of love with your charm

I dare you hold a little longer

Do not feel discourage by the changing seasons

life is a mixture of everything

Never forgotten

I’m sitting in the dark room,
hoping this image infront of me will become blur,left unseen
but the darkness had make it clearer,enhancing it effect
I want to remove this image permanently but I ain’t suceeding.
The stillness of this image frustrates me,
It reminds me of my flaws,
make me think about the past a lot.
I thought I have made peace with everything
but I guess I was wrong….
the image lingers in my mind like a favourite song
slowly occupying the space in my thoughts which was meant for other things.
Damn you…I struggle to forget the effect you had on me.
My eyes looking into spaces,searching for new images
Images that will evoke positive feelings
not the bitterness that leave my soul with anger
I guess you cast a spell of never to be forgetten
this is the price I’m willing to pay for my carelessness.
I’ve learnt a valuable lesson
One day you will be blown to and fro by the wind
lacking direction, remaining a useless image
the image that got no relevent credits.
I loved you onced…
I loved you twice…
Now I’m loving you forever.