P-passion resolved at its peak.
I-ineffable connection exposed by our warm bodies.
L-love leading us to discover our sense of self
L-longed moments,lips locked,bonded soul
O-only you understand this emotional exchange
W-wonderfully intertwined by the burning sensatiom of intimacy

T-tell me heart soothing tales of your upbringing
A-answering all the questions I had about your strange personality.
L-let me listen to your beating heart.
K-kiss me passionately,keep me interested until the next session take place


Intimate moments

Our intimate moments made me feel trapped in his spell,
Slowly observing every muscle of his physique,
Making me beg for mercy.
playing with my body like a pianist
A soothing melody was composed
Touching me with his sedate hands
to electrify the burning fire in me.
As I become the subject of exploration.
He unlocked the doors of restricted limitations.
I observe his movements.
He began to write a beautiful chapter in our memoirs,
His eyes just puts me on edge,
Giving myself time to understand his note during my power search
He has a tied grib of my feelings.
making me seen as fragile,vulnerable
while I breathe the air of trouble.
Every word he utter brings me down on my knees.
Keeping me in silence,
Convince me to act upon his rebellious.