Forget the tragedies which makes you bitter
Overcome the odds of breaking your heart once again
Remember your past mistakes, learn from them
Give yourself time; don’t be hard on yourself
Invest your energy on things which will yield beneficial results
Valuable lesson are learnt through heartbreak and failure.
Eliminate threatening situations

Take care of your heart
Hold on to your intuitive eye; it’s a precious gift
You shouldn’t give up

Seize this opportunity before it is too late
Embrace all your faults and virtues
Live your life to the fullest
Fulfil your heart desires; your happiness is your responsibility.



Blinded by your love

“Is it selfish of me to love some part of you, loving you is fun and also stressful. You give me mixed signals hence assuming that I get the message. Maybe, someday I will understand the coded messages of your behaviour but I’m no psychic. I’m just an ordinary human being. I usually complain about your stupid habits which gets to me but all is forgiven when you look deep into my eyes, caressing me with those warms hands and your charismatic nature gets me mad and at ease at the same time. This sound craze but now I understand that love conquers all and it is blind. Nonetheless I enjoy being blinded by you. You make my life exciting.


The world is saturated with things we cannot control
The ideology of power is held by the law.
then who makes this laws?
loss of power is a terrible loss for all human kinds,
everyday we wish to sail through any challenges
Forgetting that our power comes with a standard,
Float above the ocean of our pain and sorrows,
Ensuring that everyman evaluate us as being strong.
Are you strong enough to carry all your burdens?
Are you made our of steel?
Are you unbreakable?
really you need to think about yourself
Being selfish van be a virtue of better understanding
stop pretending and start acting.

The Beginning

Problems may fall like rain,
Torture my soul, left me in pain
Makes my body shiver like the coldness I feel during winter.
Helps me to get by, I know there’s so much greatness to conquer
Now I know I am ALIVE
Fighting unbearable battles
Having so much hope that within these mysterious times I shall retain my strength.
Life has no formula to be lived,
Obtaining success and prosperity is my only wish
Never felt reluctant to be me
My problems will remind me of what I ought to achieve,
No one said it’s going to be easy road
Keeping my faith in check as I go
Realized that the curse will never end until I accept
Accept the shadow that walks with me,
Exist top widen my eyes to see,
Things falling apart while the worst are filled with greater things to be unfold,
The mystery is that will shaken the strong, tight ground
Embracing the significant gold that was found
Now I know there’s nothing that last forever
It occurs and it shall pass
Rivers overflowing with gifts of life
Accepting my situation with open arms
Hardship is the rebirth of joyful moment
Liberating yourself from all of these confusion
One day your heart will be fulfilled
Cleansing your soul through the seven seas
Keeping your heart contented
Reflecting an image of being extraordinary in your own universe.

The injustice of the mirror

There she is…standing infront of a mirror,
Looking at her reflection with intense eyes,
cursing the reality under her breath,
Wondering what would it be like if a little inch of her body was reduced,
Choosing an outfit took forever,
Time is not on her side.
Her thoughts are fighting the injustice of the mirror,
She is tempted to cancelled her date,
but she doesn’t want to disappoint the heart that asked her so generously,
She is so blind to realize the beauty that lies within herself,
Slowly observing the scar under her breast,
Wishing it never been there….
It reminded her of the tragedy that occurred during her teenagehood,
She tries to sweep away this disturbing thought with a smile,
Hearing her pounding very loudly,
Taking a deep breath, allowing the scent of her perfume to unleash her cheerful mood,
From a distance she could see her mother smiling at her, telling her how beautiful she looked….
Suddenly chose the dress, arrange her accessories,
eventually she was out of her room with a positive state of mind.