So Beautiful

Your immense beauty flows freely like a waterfall,
Making me feel at ease as you wrap your warms arms around me,
Never felt weary to carry my burden,
Your undying love restore my happiness.
Washing away the dirt off my feet,
Giving me mhope everytime I fall.
Laughing at my stupid jokes,
I could sense your presence form far away,
Reminding me of my worth,
Your voice singing a lullaby for me to sleep.
Creating lovely sweet dreams,
Mama, thank you for being a pillar of my strength
Showering me everyday with non material gifts
Your existence completes me.
Making my heart feel content.
Teaching me to honour every little thing I have…
Enjoying the scent of your perfume,
You’d never grew old through my eyes,
You are still beautiful like yesterday.
Though you have no penny,pound or gold
I still consider you wealthy.
Your wealth is not measured economically but spiritually.
You are mt refuge when I dont have anywhere to go
You are such a great teacher though you are uneducated,
Your love and care will always shine,
No matter how bad the thunder would strike
Under your wings, everything is fine.
You are the reason that today Im still alive.
I love you with all my heart,
Nothing, I mean nothing will come between us and our love.
We fly like the birds,
Keeping me away from harm, I thank you my lady.