Pieces of the puzzle

I shall travel this road fearless,
Carrying only hope in my luggage
with a purpose of finding the pieces of the puzzle.
I can’t go on without them
I gotta see the complete picture,
The picture that would lead me to my destiny.
As I am walking on this journey
I realised the core purpose of finding the lost pieces,
Got no time to waste,
I shall not lose faith.
I am powerful beyong measures.
God had restore greatness inside me.
I shall appreciate the gift he has given me.
Deep inside me lies greatness
Finding it root, would be the beginning of unleashing great things.
the beginning of finding my own happiness.
It is only “HIM” who knows my purpose of existence.
Don’t underestimate the darkness
It will always mess aroung your happiness
But choose to be happy because you have God on your side.

Good girl gone bad

She has been neglecting him for years,
Indulging in too much work,
Forgotten all the fun they onced had…
Forgotten how he made her get butterflies in her tummy,
Forgotten the goodness of being swept off her feet.
She is prepared to do anything
to bring back all that fire of the past,
She has beautiful fantasies
Yet she is shy to implement them
One afternoon, she made a deal with the devil,
She waited for him to come back home
As he was busy watching football,
she walked pass him with nothing on her skin
just with the beautiful scent of her perfume which caught him
He couldn’t stop looking, breathing, praising the image infront of him.
The beauty and the unexpected scene lured him to show his apreciation.
Something new was in his eyes
making him reach the peak of the hidden mountain of Everest.
Then two hearts were combined, the spark was ignited,
until then all was in the past,
A new step was taken to unleash the memories which were thought to be forgotten.
Everyday he waits patiently for the flower to blosom,
But not forgetting to show his appreciation,
A good girl gone bad,
Learnt to bring out the fun in him.
Better memories were created,
The impact was imprinted in him from that day until now…
The loneliness creeps as he struggle to make peace with his loss,
The flower still haunts him in his dreams
Although he enjoys it but it sadden him to think that he will never see her again.

Loving someone

Somehow the meeting we had last night
left me with the injustice of my unsatisfied heart.
My mind remembering every event
that took place like my favourite movie,
Every scene being rewinded, feeling the exact emotions,
left me aflame fire burning to resemble the uniformity of loving someone unconditionally.
I hate you for letting me explore the goodness of being held for a long time.
I know that tommorow thats the only only things I would be thinking about…
Losing my concentration.
Now I understand the reason why I keep coming back for more,
even though we affirm ourselves that we gonna behave
for the sake of respecting social norms,
Yet here we are…touching,cuddling up,praising the silence of the night.
Acting like we are the only human alive,
We care less about the consequences of our actions.
Find it hard to resist the temptations,
Sometimes I find myself geting lost into your eyes.
Fantasizing about what we will do if we were lost in the garden of Eden.
The nature that surrounding us would have something to say,
Everytime your presence stir my imagination
which is embedded with curiosity.
Producing an effect only known by me.
Don’t let me question the love I have for you….
Can you heart the beating of my heart,
Perhaps you do not understand the language spoken
Allow me to translate but rest assured it will occur now until dawn.