New Possibilities

This desire of finding the actual answer takess all my energies,
Limiting the possibilities of living peacefully.
Sometimes I got to let things die,
Creating a space of new rebirth which moves with time,
Finding difficulties to alocate the actual problem.

Peace could be found with the realization that changes must be made,
Often anxiety is the price to pay for not accepting change.
The feeling of longing to be in control makes me exhausted,
Exposing the fear of being seen fragile,
Opening the windows every morning to give my room a new life.
Allowing the gentle breeze to to its magnificent job.

Blowing away the blues, congested memories of the night,
Feeling awaken as I drank my coffee,
The readiness of exploring today’s new possibilities shine through my eyes,
Thoughts of last night dreams intend to dominate my free spirited mood.
Giving me trouble to make up my mind.
But faith emerged from that hardship,
Restoring hope about building a bridge between confusion and understanding.
Soon I will be able to cross over,leave the confusion behind,
Find my inner self.
Waving goodbye to the old, welcoming the new possibilties with open arms.


Purest Magic

The night is filled with so much magic,
The moon above the sky dancing to the music made by the owls,
The scent captured within the wind makes my mind travel a mile,
Reminding me about that night I spent with him,dreaming around his arms.
The sound of moving trees,a distance laughter echos in my ears,
Giving me the awareness of the pure magic found inside my body,
The stars beautifully glittering overhead,
A sedate feeling filled my heart with peace,
Everything looked beautiful.
My soul was filled with great happiness,
Now I’ve found my piece of mind,
My private space of liberation,
Located deeply inside my heart.

This wonderful artist piece was inspired by the book written by Nora Roberts,The Donovan Legacy-Captivated.


Lost awareness of my real emotions,
Floating through an unknown stream,
The roar inside me commanding me to scream!
I’m no longer familiar with the sweetest taste of strawberry ice-cream.
Lost my appetite after taking that strange trip,
Don’t tell anyone what is really happening,
Your personal life is allergic to public attention,
Remain unknown,save yourself from being asked all sort of questions.

Spent most of your time hiding,
The scar on your face keeps on reminding,
Forgive me for being confusing,
Sometimes I am Stunned by my own reflection on the mirror,
My eye sight tend to deceive me,
Finding it hard to see the actual image,
Troubled by the picture in front of me,
I wish I understood the artist intentions.
Everyday I’m introduced to a new creation.

Someday you’ll be forced to reconnect with that past,
Cannot built your judgement based on assumptions,
You’ve lost interest upon fulfilling other people’s expectations.
You will always remain unknown,
An alien, misunderstood.
Portrait as being weird because of your uniqueness,
Don’t allow the world to jeopardize your happiness.

Everyday I will cherish the gift of life no matter how small they may be,
A little dose of magic will add color to my subtle image of life,
Teach me to smile
Embrace the beauty seen through my sight.

My shinning star

Suddenly you have become a far-fetched dream,
I’m starting to make peace,
Believe that you are better off without me,
The impact you possessed was never real,
You’ve already leaped away.
I’m relieved that we took our separate ways,
Our closure lasted for a while,
Now the truth is not hidden from our smiles,
We shine so brightly like the summer sun,
I’m pleased that we chose to carry on with our lives
Give the Almighty my greatest gratitude for opening my eyes,
Never entertain your heart for wanting something that is beyond,
Repeated a story untold,
felt heavy, a burden I cannot hold.
Your lasting imprint, lesson to be always cherished,
You only human,dominated human theories had consume your mind,
Your pride had blinded you not to see a pure gold on your side,
Played modest for the world to hide,
Buried our dejavu inside our hearts,
Nothing felt right every time I caught your sight
Pardon me for losing such gruesome fight,
Never intended for wasting our precious time,
Lets just kiss and say goodbye.
Our departure could resemble eternal light,
Although these wonderful companionship lasted for a short period of time,
I’m taking what’s rightfully mine,
I don’t want to leave anything behind,
Me and You we just different, I admit
Could not stand the heat you brought into my life,
But you will always be my shinning star.

Unfamiliar Place

There is a something about this place,
I struggle to put my finger on it,
It reminds me of a trip onced taken,
Filled with emotions never shaken.
A sense of peace linger through the atrmosphere,
Sat motionless,connecting with this unfamiliar place,
Undying scent of flowers captured my soul,
Recallling every memory I shared with mother nature.
Hearing the beats of the drum calling my name,
Commanding me to dance to an unfamiliar tune,
You’d sworn that I am dreaming,
But the dream is happening right through my eyes,
I am sitting alone here yet my spirit is there,
Confused by the inner forces of the picture painted with real life experiences.
This are just not usual visions,
They speak to me with a strange language that I could understand.
A road never taken create curiosity,
Using all my senses to understand the purpose of this trip,
It was taken without my free will.
Yet I honour my instincts of pushing me to reach the peak of the mountain,
It was never easy but I took it,
Now good memories are written in the book of life,
Relocating themselves in my mind,
The sense of gravity pulling me down,
Yet my spirit is longing to fly,
Flying is filled with so much liberation,
reducing the norms of limitations,
The sky is not a limit,
A limit is a nature of humankind,
Embracing evry possibilities till the end of time.


Constantly lingers through your thoughts,
Past memories drifting through my sight,
Looking at a picture that is right infront of me,
ancient events recurring like they happened yesterday.
The image so vivid yet confusing
Keeping myself occupied,evading the truth.
I cant let myself go through that road again,
Being there would unfold umhealed wounds.
Making myself bitter,
Letting silence be his keeper,
The pain had grommed me.
revisting the past would break me,
Buries the pain very deep,allowing a new chapter of my life to shine on me.
Just let things be…going back there is not helping.
You ar causing yourself pain,
You’ve tried everything to remove the stain,
It is so sturborne, it chose to remain
yet you tend to yearn for closure.
Forgive yourself for your blindness,
Stop questioning your carelessness,
Embrace your mistakes as lesson learnt,
Though you keep on cursing the day you fel into his trap.
Using his lustful devious strategies to caught you under his spell.
The monster within him doesnt understand the true meaning of love,
Free your mind,his disease might be contagious.
I know you are feeling ridiculous
but dont let your past limit your capabilities.
Honour the experience,
Be grateful that you are LOVING,
He was too busy with other things,
He didnt recognise this important gift you are holding,
That his loss, silense filtered into the air,
Peace locating within your soul…BREATH

So Beautiful

Your immense beauty flows freely like a waterfall,
Making me feel at ease as you wrap your warms arms around me,
Never felt weary to carry my burden,
Your undying love restore my happiness.
Washing away the dirt off my feet,
Giving me mhope everytime I fall.
Laughing at my stupid jokes,
I could sense your presence form far away,
Reminding me of my worth,
Your voice singing a lullaby for me to sleep.
Creating lovely sweet dreams,
Mama, thank you for being a pillar of my strength
Showering me everyday with non material gifts
Your existence completes me.
Making my heart feel content.
Teaching me to honour every little thing I have…
Enjoying the scent of your perfume,
You’d never grew old through my eyes,
You are still beautiful like yesterday.
Though you have no penny,pound or gold
I still consider you wealthy.
Your wealth is not measured economically but spiritually.
You are mt refuge when I dont have anywhere to go
You are such a great teacher though you are uneducated,
Your love and care will always shine,
No matter how bad the thunder would strike
Under your wings, everything is fine.
You are the reason that today Im still alive.
I love you with all my heart,
Nothing, I mean nothing will come between us and our love.
We fly like the birds,
Keeping me away from harm, I thank you my lady.


Strange as the world perceive you,
Your unquiness beg for question,
feed the world with false beliefs,
Thus you feel unsure about your normality.
shameless you are, my dear friend
Challenging the curious mind,
hide your confusion with your beautiful smile,
laugh at your own jokes,
Accepting your uniqueness.
feeling reluctant to take the passengers seat,
being in charge of the steering wheel,
forgive me Mr officer for driving recklessly,
i am not perfect but I am sure I will reach my destination just in time.
The map Im using is unreliable,
Fate will get me there.
my senses wont deceive me unless im dreaming.
Need no witness testimony to make my case strong,
I was there,I know every details.
Put yourself in my shoes
being controlled or put in a standard is never fun.
Please dont spoil my mood,
im better off without your ridiculous games.
your imagination is unlimited,
how can you wish for something you already have…
Our unfulfilled hearts introduce trouble,
we are misunderstood because we have alienated ourselves from this world.
We never felt like we belong anywhere…

Writer’s Addiction

Questioning the writer’s intention is rather an insult.
Yet we tend to write,share our thoughts to connect with the audience,
We treat our craft like antique paintings such as Mona Lisa,giving it a pretigious appraisal everyday
Hide away our confusion, believing that the reception is less likely to be misunderstood,
We care less about how the world view our craft,
striving to make a point
The intelligent minds tried to analyse our intentions.
Everyday we become more and more unpredictable.
Our writing ability flows so smoothly like the stream,
everyday we wake up with new dreams.
Though we try to ignore their meaning, we keep painting picture that evoke emotions considered to be buried.
This craft is naturally rooted, being explored with every aspects of our human senses.
Our space is filled with sweet soul soothing aroma,
tasting very sweet yet bitter, a far fetched tune echo so softly in our ears.
Commanding us to dance to our only known music,
We enjoy seeing them confused, keeping them wondering…
Giving them the freedom to choose the reception of our craft
Forgeting to read between the lines
Together we can take the climb
But there is no guarantee that both of us will return alive,
We die with ignorance,
Doubting ourselves to take that next step