Diary of Nobody -I-



I used to think of movies and books being too cheesy, over-dramatic and over-romantic for trying to show how one person can be on your mind for 24/7. I mean, you let your Ben & Jerry melt because you’re too busy thinking about somebody who might be having fun with somebody else (have some respect for Ben & Jerry – nobody gets to treat that tub of magic like that).

As a pedestrian, your life is even more miserable when in love. For instance, you have been waiting for the cars to stop so you can cross the street but once the traffic had stopped, you have been time-travelling within your own thoughts. Now somebody would have to nudge you to let you know that you can cross the road (only if you are fortunate enough for people to think that you are not crazy). Otherwise you would…

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Author: motloungmaditjhaba

I am an African woman who enjoy reading novels,listening to music,writting poetry is my addiction and I am a loving person.I am taking this journey to find myself.I realized that in order to find peace in my life, I got to let go and accept my imperfections.You might not know me with the naked eye but I believe my art will paint my image in your head perfectly well.I've met you before in the world only known by us.I've seen your smile and you are a friend,sister,brother,mother,father without limitations.With your love I conquer anything and build the strongest foundation and path that lead to eternal happiness.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by on my blog earlier. I guess you found me through OM? I will follow your blog now and hope you will follow mine back. 🙂

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