Reality- an original poem

There are days when I just dont want to wake up from dreaming because dealing with reality is painful sometimes.

Stellular Scribe

There are some days when reality
feels like a thousand threads
woven together,
and some areas are thick and woolen and strong,
while others are weak
and so thin that
you feel as if you could pry your fingers
between the fibers
and rip apart
On days like that, when
reality is fraying around me,
I question what’s real; if the
threads holding together the universe
can be easily snipped,
or if the seams can be re-sewn
and stitched up
Because most days, reality is
a blanket that surrounds me,
and I can feel it between my fingers
and it’s good and sturdy and warm.
But I still fear the thin patches,
the torn hems and rough pleats,
and cling hard to my
so that I don’t

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Author: motloungmaditjhaba

I am an African woman who enjoy reading novels,listening to music,writting poetry is my addiction and I am a loving person.I am taking this journey to find myself.I realized that in order to find peace in my life, I got to let go and accept my imperfections.You might not know me with the naked eye but I believe my art will paint my image in your head perfectly well.I've met you before in the world only known by us.I've seen your smile and you are a friend,sister,brother,mother,father without limitations.With your love I conquer anything and build the strongest foundation and path that lead to eternal happiness.

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