A woman with a broken heart

She can slowly kill you with her smile,
Tarnish your reputation without knowing
caught you with her claws like a lion seeing its prey.
You’d sworn that she is a nun…
with devious motives.
She got love in her soul,
yet the world chose to unfold her dark side,
Beware of her undying scent that lingers through the air,
making every men lose their minds
become out of control.
Allowing them to drink the milk of her sorrows.
her flashing eyes makes you see what you desire.
until you realize her sacred river
which overflows with great pain.
You would wish you’d never met her,
she will suck your moral principles
capture you in her submarine.
Allow you to feel the pain caused by another man.
subconsciously grab your attention,
play with your soul until she gets her own satisfaction,
Don’t forget to say your prayers when you see her,
She can easily take what you adored.
Leave you in disgust.
She care less about what people say,
once she made up her mind
She just react…
although she admire the love,lust,passion resembled by the tango.
She is her own boss.
Allow no man to take away her freedom
She trust no one, only herself.
She is bitter as hell
She can curse you,wear her Victorian secret collection
everyday to hide away the pain.
Walk away before you get trapped under her spell.


Author: motloungmaditjhaba

I am an African woman who enjoy reading novels,listening to music,writting poetry is my addiction and I am a loving person.I am taking this journey to find myself.I realized that in order to find peace in my life, I got to let go and accept my imperfections.You might not know me with the naked eye but I believe my art will paint my image in your head perfectly well.I've met you before in the world only known by us.I've seen your smile and you are a friend,sister,brother,mother,father without limitations.With your love I conquer anything and build the strongest foundation and path that lead to eternal happiness.

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