Writer’s Addiction

Questioning the writer’s intention is rather an insult.
Yet we tend to write,share our thoughts to connect with the audience,
We treat our craft like antique paintings such as Mona Lisa,giving it a pretigious appraisal everyday
Hide away our confusion, believing that the reception is less likely to be misunderstood,
We care less about how the world view our craft,
striving to make a point
The intelligent minds tried to analyse our intentions.
Everyday we become more and more unpredictable.
Our writing ability flows so smoothly like the stream,
everyday we wake up with new dreams.
Though we try to ignore their meaning, we keep painting picture that evoke emotions considered to be buried.
This craft is naturally rooted, being explored with every aspects of our human senses.
Our space is filled with sweet soul soothing aroma,
tasting very sweet yet bitter, a far fetched tune echo so softly in our ears.
Commanding us to dance to our only known music,
We enjoy seeing them confused, keeping them wondering…
Giving them the freedom to choose the reception of our craft
Forgeting to read between the lines
Together we can take the climb
But there is no guarantee that both of us will return alive,
We die with ignorance,
Doubting ourselves to take that next step


Author: motloungmaditjhaba

I am an African woman who enjoy reading novels,listening to music,writting poetry is my addiction and I am a loving person.I am taking this journey to find myself.I realized that in order to find peace in my life, I got to let go and accept my imperfections.You might not know me with the naked eye but I believe my art will paint my image in your head perfectly well.I've met you before in the world only known by us.I've seen your smile and you are a friend,sister,brother,mother,father without limitations.With your love I conquer anything and build the strongest foundation and path that lead to eternal happiness.

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