Loneliness had allowed me to walk through darkest parts of my life.
It had taught me to pell off layers of myself which I chose to hide.
I am facing my own demons; I am no longer running away.
I’ve watched these walls of self-protection crumble down.
Allowing sadness to warm my heart, I feel so alive.
Strangely; this journey is transformative.
Slowly I am becoming my true self.
I am becoming more attentive.
This might sound destructive but nonetheless this time is crucial.
Crucial for becoming resistance and totally aware that this too shall pass.
An important gift you could give yourself.


My brokeness

Let me open the door of my supressed thoughts, memories and feelings.
Experienced passively and undoubtedly with the aim to break me into pieces.
I want to relive the same moment.
I want to feel the agony of lies, hate and harsh events.
I want to feel the loneliness curling me up within the darkness.
Seeing the depth of my brokeness
Leaving me starved for God’s salvation.
Paralysed by my ignorance.
Let me overdose on fake friends and fake laughter to numb this pain temporarily.
Indulge myself with sadness
Until I reach a point which all of these will be enough?
Then I shall carve words that are pleasant enough to suit your liking

We are never ever getting back together

I remember the bitter sweet taste of your lips when we kissed.
The lie you told when you said I was the only one

The forced laugh you uttered when I confronted you.

Your charming eyes drew me closer to the whirlpool of your narcissistic nature.

A confusing love portion which made me to see the saint in you. 

Drowned deeply into the darkest parts of your troubled soul. 

Normalized all your shortcoming because I was so forgiving and understanding.

Making promises that didnt materialize.

Truth be told…I am a sucker for cold hearted lover.

I was convinced that you came into my life with a bundle of hope and happiness.

I failed to notice the devil in you.

I am dealing with the injustice of your theatrical show you pulled when I was at my lowest.

Please dont come back with your excuses that you are now I changed man.

You admit your shortcomings and you are willing to do things right.

There is nothing to amend,

Thank you for bringing out the worst in me.

Thank you for changing me

Now I know the devil doesnt have horns and a tail.

The real devil is right here standing next to me.

Breathing the air that I breathe.

Space between

Wherever we go
We still find each other
Though we remain broken colour wax crayons
We still colour our darkest hours apart with our love.
The space between our strange connection.
We found our comfort through the river which overflows with heartfelt memories.
All the shared kisses and tender touch consume me
Reawaken the desire that contains me
You summoned me to reach deeper into the depth of my longings.
Your closeness brought a pleasant shiver of my body.
Begging me to lose myself…be in the moment.
You know how to ignite the fire of love that burns inside me.
When I’ve tasted your sweetness to curb my thirst and hunger,
You became my secret habit.
I clung to you like a baby on his mother’s back.
I hated you and also loved you.
Please dont leave me,
Im not sure I can survive the agony of losing you again.


A visit

We sat there in silence,
Eyes locked into each other.
Held captive by the intensity of lust found between us.
The fires that burns our clothing,leaving our bodies bare
Words clung to our mouths, remained unsaid.
Our bodies drowned into the stream of endless yearning.
Telling us to surrender to the heat that suffocate the room.
I began to question your intentions
Leaving the doors of disappointments and regrets open.
This journey we are about to take is very familiar
Tender kisses drawing us closer to the truth.
The truth that fails to restore our self-worth.
Our facade shall give us the chance to engage with our fantasies.
Leading us to taste the sweetness of lies we tell ourselves.
Experience the short-lived euphoria
We are broken souls;sinners and waiting for salvation.
Its a pity that you never intended to stay for long.
You are just another drifter,you feel much alive when you get lost.