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It feels great to add this newest member on my bookshelf. All thanks to for choosing me. I’m so glad I won.


An ode for taking selfies (selfiecaption)

Take one and a thousand more
Choose the one you like
Add a little light,brush off those dark areas under your eyes,
Widen those eyes, hide those pimples
Make sure your skin tone is even.
Add a tiara or hat to hide that bush over your head.
Hide your sadness with a fake smile
It will get better with time.
Find a better background…the lake or statue is ideal,
Rock that outfit like it is an unlimited edition.
Strike a pose,bury mimi’s teachings for few seconds;you wont die.
Make sure you get that attention.
Remember the end goal.
Comments and likes are the greatest rewards for your existence.
Damn…you are so beautiful

~An Affair~

How is that possible that I find my solace in your tragedy?
I am convinced that one day will find hope through our brokenness.
Why do we keep hurting the people we love?
We ignore the voices that keep telling us to run;
Run as far as we can
Yet we still stand there…face to face
Lying to make ourselves feel better.
No one is eager to speak the truth
We’ve sworn that we have found peace through our catastrophic relationship.
Despite it all, we are convinced that will find our way home.


We are convinced that one day our words will save us from our own misery. The psychological cycle which keep us trapped in a place of immediate gratification. Forgetting that nothing last long. Again, we gladly sit patiently to witness the output of our ignorance,stumpled by the fear of knowing our shortcomings and silently we choose to become a potrait hanged on the wall,admired by all. Why are we afraid to really feel our despair? We do not want to accept our vulnerability. Its a shame that we loathe the one thing that will bring us closer to understanding ourselves.


Loneliness had allowed me to walk through darkest parts of my life.
It had taught me to pell off layers of myself which I chose to hide.
I am facing my own demons; I am no longer running away.
I’ve watched these walls of self-protection crumble down.
Allowing sadness to warm my heart, I feel so alive.
Strangely; this journey is transformative.
Slowly I am becoming my true self.
I am becoming more attentive.
This might sound destructive but nonetheless this time is crucial.
Crucial for becoming resistance and totally aware that this too shall pass.
An important gift you could give yourself.